Guess The Pic 2: All Answers

Guess The Pic 2

Developer: Adriana-Maria Halmagean and Taps Arena
Genre: Image Guessing (18)
Platforms: Android
This game has close-ups of items that you need to guess. Generally its not too hard and there are 14 level packs to play with over 300 levels in total. The developer on Google Play is listed as Adriana-Maria Halmagean although they must be associated wth Taps Arena because the graphics and interface are all similar. It is a pretty fun little game for all ages.


Pack 1
Pack 2
Pack 3
Pack 4
Pack 5
Pack 6
Pack 7
Pack 8
Pack 9
Pack 10
Pack 11
Pack 12


Please let us know if these answers are correct!

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