Guess the Pic (Taps Arena): All Answers

Guess the Pic

Developer: Taps Arena
Genre: Image Guessing (19)
Platforms: iOS, Android
Guess The Pic! Close up Photos by Taps Arena (ios developer Adriana-Maria Halmagean) is another great little image guessing game where the pictures are zoomed right in. It is very similar to many of their other games which means if you like the others then this will be for you. If you are looking for something new then this isn’t for you. 271 levels in total over 11 level packs. Check below for answers if you can’t get past a level!


Pack 1
Pack 2
Pack 3
Pack 4
Pack 5
Pack 6
Pack 7
Pack 8
Pack 9
Pack 10
Pack 11


Please let us know if these answers are correct!

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