Monument Valley: All Walkthroughs

Monument Valley

Developer: Ustwo
Genre: Adventure (302)
Platforms: iOS, Android, Amazon
This game is fantastic! If you’ve seen the famous M.C. Escher artwork where staircases meet eachother in impossible ways, then imagine a game like that! The game is beautiful, and surreal. It is a great combination of adventure and puzzle in a mystical world. There are 10 chapters in the original and another 8 in the Forgotten Shores expansion. Don’t come back here too often for help or it will spoil the fun of the game!

Walkthrough Videos (18)

Walkthrough Videos

Chapter 2 The Garden
Chapter 3 Hidden Temple
Chapter 4 Water Palace
Chapter 5 The Spire
Chapter 6 The Labyrinth
Chapter 7 The Rookery
Chapter 8 The Box
Chapter 9 The Descent
Chapter 10 Observatory
Forgotten Shores Appendix 1 The Chasm
Forgotten Shores Appendix 2 The Serpent Lake
Forgotten Shores Appendix 3 The Thief
Forgotten Shores Appendix 4 Halcyon Court
Forgotten Shores Appendix 5 The Lost Falls
Forgotten Shores Appendix 6 The Citadel of Deceit
Forgotten Shores Appendix 7 The Oubliette
Forgotten Shores Appendix 8 Nocturne


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