Skylanders Trap Team: All Walkthroughs

Skylanders Trap Team

Developer: Activision Publishing Inc
Genre: Action (309)
Platforms: iOS, Android
Skylands is a wonderful land where islands float in the sky. But the evil Kaos has attacked the prison and freed the most dangerous villains in Skyland. It’s up to you to capture the villains, and even trap them so they are on your side. Skylanders can be a very interactive experience as there is controller support and a range of figurines to collect if you really get into it. Before you can play, be sure your device is in the list of allowable devices and that you have heaps of free memory!

Walkthrough Videos (47)

Walkthrough Videos

Part 1 We Begin
Part 2 New Gulper
Part 3 Slobber
Part 4 Chompy Mage
Part 5 Bird Strike
Part 6 Kaos Trap
Part 7 Pepper Jack
Part 8 Kaos Doom
Part 9 Cannon
Part 10 Pepper Jack
Part 11 Gold Kaos
Part 12 It’S A Trap
Part 13 Fishy
Part 14 Gears
Part 15 Ghosts
Part 16 Kaos
Part 17 Helping
Part 18 Painyatta
Part 19 Dreamcatcher
Part 20 Hood
Part 21 Mabu
Part 22 Krankenstein
Part 23 Stinky
Part 24 Scared
Part 25 Unknown
Part 26 Kaostic
Part 27 Crank It Up
Part 28 Dr. Crankcase Boss
Part 29 Kaos Strikes
Part 30 Okey Smokey
Part 31 Kaos Rescue
Part 32 Kaos Rescue
Part 33 Big Woofer
Part 34 Wolf Gang Boss
Part 35 The Queen Attacks
Part 36 Get The Rocket
Part 37 To The Sky
Part 38 Hawkmongous
Part 39 Record Time
Part 40 Getting Closer
Part 41 Grave Clobber
Part 42 Gold Sheep
Part 43 The Gold Queen
Part 44 Kaos Transforms
Part 45 Chasing Kaos
Part 46 The Ending


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Skylanders Trap Team
Activision Publishing Inc

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