Word Kingdom: Answers

Apr 4, 2017

Word Kingdom Developer: fun.lab Genre: Word (1000130) Platforms: Android Games like this have become quite popular lately. Wordbrain and Wordbrain 2 often get all the credit, but his game is also quite good. It was first released as Word Puzzle and is now called Word Kingdom. Hundreds of levels gives hours of gameplay. There are a few words which are maybe a bit tricky which may be because of a…


Bubble Blast 2: Answers

Mar 23, 2017

Bubble Blast 2 Developer: Magma Mobile Genre: Puzzle (286) Platforms: iOS, Android, Amazon Bubble Blast 2 is a fun game which isn’t just a clone like many other games. It is definitely a low-budget production… but that actually adds to the charm. You are given a grid of bubbles which you need to pop in a specific order to destroy surrounding bubbles. There are thousands of levels and basically endless…


Quiz Logo Game: All Answers

Mar 22, 2017

Quiz Logo Game Developer: Lemmings at Work Genre: Logo and Brand Guessing (4) Platforms: Android Well there are logo guessing games and then there is this game! It is really great. The developer Lemmings at Work have done a really great job, there are literally thousands of levels to play! The gameplay is smooth and the logos are fun to guess. You also get bonus packs for specific countries like…


Wordalot: Answers

Mar 13, 2017

Wordalot Developer: MAG Interactive Genre: Word (1000106) Platforms: iOS, Android, Amazon MAG Interactive are the game developer who brought us Wordbrain and Wordbrain 2 and those games are just great! Well Wordalot is almost as good! Think of a cross between a picture guessing game and a crossword. A bit like the game Bonza (if you have played it). There are hundreds of levels and the game gets quite difficult…


Forest Home: Answers

Feb 19, 2017

Forest Home Developer: Binary Mill Genre: Adventure, Puzzle (1000087) Platforms: iOS, Android, Amazon Forest Home is basically what would be created if cute little animals invaded the game Flow Free. You basically need to connect colored dots in a grid by creating colored lines. It is very straight forward but it is fun and challenging. There are 160 quests in total, each with 5 levels. There are also some ‘goblin’…


Words Crush Hidden Themes: Answers

Feb 19, 2017

Words Crush Hidden Themes Developer: BitMango Genre: Word (1000086) Platforms: Android There are some of these word finding games which are just huge at the moment. Games like Wordbrain and Wordbrain Themes. This time it is a sequel from BitMango to their great game Words Crush! Words Crush Hidden Themes brings all the fun of themes for each level but it also mixes up the grid by using hexes instead…


Letter Soup Cafe: Answers

Feb 13, 2017

Letter Soup Cafe Developer: Candywriter LLC Genre: Puzzle, Word (1000085) Platforms: iOS, Android These types of word games are starting to get really popular! You are given some letters in a ‘bowl of soup’ and you need to make different combinations to form words. The great thing about this game is that it is divided into packs that are themed for international restaurants, it is a nice touch! It also…


WordBrain 2: Answers

Feb 12, 2017

WordBrain 2 Developer: MAG Interactive Genre: Word (1000081) Platforms: iOS, Android The sequel to the really popular game Wordbrain is Wordbrain 2 by MAG Interactive. There are hundreds of levels all split into different categories like TV, Music, or Travel. For each level you are given a grid of letters and need to combine all the letters to make words. We have all the answers for Wordbrain 2 below. Summary…


Word Cookies: Answers

Feb 10, 2017

Word Cookies Developer: BitMango Genre: Word (1000080) Platforms: iOS, Android Well this is a new twist on the popular wordgames like Wordbrain. This time you are given the letters in a fry pan and most join them together. There are hundreds of levels and we have all the answers! Summary Cheats (0) Answers (885) Q&A (3) Discussion (New!) Answers Apple Banana Butter Cappuccino Caramel Carrot Cheese Cherry Chestnut Chocolate Cinnamon…


Photo Quiz (Tappeal AB and Apprope): Answers

Feb 1, 2017

Photo Quiz Developer: Tappeal AB and Apprope Genre: Image Guessing (1000073) Platforms: iOS, Android The developer Tappeal was Apprope and they have now changed their name. Photo Quiz and must of Apprope’s other games have been around for a while. In Photo Quiz you are given 4 pics and you need to guess the word based on the images combined. There are some really good levels with movies, TV shows,…