Hi Guess the TV Show: All Answers

Nov 25, 2016

(320) Hi always make quality fun little games, and Guess The TV Show is no different! You are given a little picture which represents a TV show and you need to guess what it is. There are almost 300 images to guess and we have all the answers! If you like other Hi games and you haven’t seen this one yet, then give it a go! Apple App StoreGoogle Play…


Guess Something: All Answers

Nov 24, 2016

(627) Hi Studio Games have made dozens of really fun picture guessing games and this one is even better! Why? Because it includes the best parts of all the other games. There are dozens of packs to play and each pack has a theme such as basketball stars, TV, brands, etc. This game is huge! Well over 2000 levels to play! And of course we have every answer. So get…


Hi Guess The Food: All Answers

Apr 26, 2016

(99) Hi Studio Games have made quite a few really popular guessing games, and now here’s one all about food and drinks! How much do you know about food brands? You’re about to find out! The game has over 200 levels and as usual we have all the answers below if you need help! Apple App StoreGoogle PlayAmazon s Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level…


Hi Guess The Character: All Answers

Apr 12, 2016

(11) Hi Studio Games have made heaps of image guessing games. Hi Guess The Character is another great title. Heaps of famous characters from TV, movies, and more. Hundreds of levels to play! Take a look below if you need help solving a level. Apple App StoreGoogle Play s Main Game    Please let us know if these answers are correct! Looking for a different game? These games are similar….


Hi Wheres My Gift: All Walkthroughs

Apr 6, 2016

A fun hidden object game focused towards the younger ones. The developer has rated it as 4+, so it is too basic for those adults looking for a new challenge. Help our main character find their present in their room… where is it? behind the bed? If you get stuck, watch our videos below! Apple App Store s


Hi Guess The Movie: All Answers

Dec 25, 2015

(256) Hi have created quite a few really fun games similar to this one. This time you are guessing the movie. The main pack has just under 400 levels. Some are easy, some are hard! This is really good for all ages because I bet there are some that only the adults can answer, but also some which only the kids will know! We’ve got all the answers below, note…


Tiny Spy: All Walkthroughs

Dec 10, 2015

by: This is a fun hidden object style game from Hi Studio Games. There are clues for information hidden all over the place, can you find them? The graphics in this game are good and it is quite fun. Give it a go! If you get stuck you can check out our walkthrough videos below. Apple App StoreGoogle PlayAmazon s


Hi Guess 100: All Answers

Dec 9, 2015

by: So Hi games are really pretty fun, and they normally make each game with a theme, like basketball, or movies… but in Hi Guess 100 they have the best 100 puzzles from many of their other games, all in 1 little app. Pretty great! We looked all over the net, and as of the post date no other website actually provided all the answers to all the packs, so…


Hi Guess the Basketball Star: All Answers

Nov 28, 2015

(319) Are you into basketball? There’s only a few good games out there where you are given a pic and it’s all about basketball. Hi Studio Games is probably one of the better ones. It’s all super simple. There is a pic with an artistic style pic of a player and you need to guess who it is! Sometimes the image has a team and number, which really helps. But…


Hi Guess The Place: All Answers

Oct 9, 2015

(281) This is a fun image guessing game brought to us by Hi. Hi have made lots of other popular games like Gues the Riddle, etc. It’s pretty straight forward, you get given a picture of a city or a country and you need to guess it! We have all the answers below. Some answers may be in different places within the levels, so just take a look at the…