100 Doors Challenge (1000082): Walkthroughs, Answers, Cheats, Codes, Achievements
100 Doors Challenge
Protey Apps and Vladimir Poriadnikov
Hidden Object and Escape
Android, iOS
Release Date:

100 Doors Challenge: Level 67 Walkthrough

Another great escape game. Another 100 doors to test your skills! This time the game is brought to us by Protey Apps and the game has over 1 million downloads! We have video walkthroughs for every level at Game Help Guru!
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  1. mattbooth
    6 years ago

    OK, this one is tricky! And we get questions about it all the time. you need to swipe up/down/left/right several times in the level. The pattern that you swipe will depend on the direction of the small particles floating around, so watch out for them carefully, they are mainly just above the skeleton’s head. In the video we also include an overlay with all the directions if you are still stuck.

  2. Johnny
    6 years ago

    This is strange, the version I downloaded has 7 skulls over the door, and you just swipe the direction they a facing, starting on the left. L-D-L-R-U-R-D

    1. mattbooth
      6 years ago

      Thanks Johnny. This video was put up in April 2016 so I’d say they have changed it to the version that you have. Thanks for the solution 🙂

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