100 Doors Classic

100 Doors Classic

Developer: Zenfox and MPI

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100 Doors Classic

100 Doors Classic

Developer: Zenfox and MPI

100 Doors Classic
Zenfox and MPI
Hidden Object and Escape
Amazon, Android, iOS
On Google Play this game is called 100 Doors 2017, but the app and branding on your device will be 100 Doors Classic. Zenfox have made many cool 100 doors games, and this is the latest 2017 edition. As always there are 100 levels, the quality of the game is good and the artwork is quite nice. We have walkthroughs to every level too.



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Level 50 Walkthrough

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  1. Nick Schaer says:

    Pick up the objects and put the wheel on the door to turn and open it.

  2. Vicki Foster says:

    What are the numbers?

    1. mattbooth says:

      15,8,0,21: they seem to be times on the clock, i.e. 15 hours (i.e. 3 oclock), 8 hours, 0, and 21 hours (i.e. 9 oclock).

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