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100 Doors Incredible
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100 Doors Incredible: Level 66 Walkthrough

This is a little bit different to other 100 doors games. The artowkr and graphics are great and it is themed like a fairytale, there is even a map which joins the levels together which is a big improvement over similar games. This game has lots of atmosphere and a unique twist which makes it a far superior game to many others out there. As always if you need help, then we have all the solutions!
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  1. Mackenzie
    5 years ago

    I’m grateful for the answer, but I have NO idea how you did it?!

    1. mattbooth
      5 years ago

      Hi Mackenzie, it is a really weird level. You put the apple in the water, near the edge and shake the phone, if you get it just right then the numbers appear in the water.

  2. Matt Booth
    8 months ago

    Hiya all. We updated the video above with a more relevant one. The walkthrough that was here was no longer useful. Be sure to tell us if you see anything untoward by voting above. -GHG

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