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The Impossible Quiz 2
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The Impossible Quiz 2: Answers

Answers (120)
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Level 1
Where does the General keep his armies?
Level 2
Which of the following do you need to build a green house?
Level 3
Cow - 4 legs equals
Level 4
What is this?
Level 5
Arrgh ye matie, how much be that corn?
Level 6
How many letters in this sentence?
Level 7
What is the principal part of a horse?
Level 8
Where does the great wall of China start?
Level 9
What happens if you p? p? p? pick up a penguin?
Level 10
Put your finger here
Level 11
Level 12
Answer this question upside-down!
Level 13
What do Germans water their gardens with?
Level 14
White squares and dots
Level 15
What is God?
Level 16
What is the name of The Impossible Quiz cat?
Level 17
Brown balloon!
Level 18
What is Spider-man's favourite food?
Level 19
What is this?
Level 20
Black room with light switch
Level 21
How many questions does the very first Impossible Quiz have?
Level 22
What is candy floss made out of?
Level 23
Naughts and crosses game, telling you to Win!
Level 24
Which of the following can be found under the sea?
Level 25
When is a door not a door?
Level 26
A flock of seagulls approach you. What do you do?
Level 27
How many times can you fit into a vacuum?
Level 28
What is this?
Level 29
What does a baker need?
Level 30
How many holes in a rolo?
Level 31
How do you get two whales in a car?
Level 32
Pick nose
Level 33
The answer looks like a pair of bare arses
Level 34
Press this to kill you before the bomb does!
Level 35
How do you play darts with a baby
Level 36
Why the the Mexican throw his wife off a cliff?
Level 37
You require 1 elephant
Level 38
Level 39
Put your finger here
Level 40
Which impossible quiz can help you see hidden meanings?
Level 41
Click the smallest
Level 42
Right turn + Right turn + Right turn =
Level 43
This will be a question from The Impossible Quiz 1.
Level 44
All your base are belong to us. You are on the way to destruction.
Level 45
Level 46
Old McDonald had a farm
Level 47
Where's Orion's Belt?
Level 48
What is this?
Level 49
Where do Universal Serial Buses pick up their passengers?
Level 50
What do you call a Hen in a designer suit?
Level 51
The fate of Chris is in your hands!
Level 52
Five animals took part in a yacht race around the world, which came last?
Level 53
A lamp
Level 54
Touch where the arrow's pointing
Level 55
How many times do you have to punch a cat in the face until it loses conciousness?
Level 56
Level 57
Red Light, Green Light?
Level 58
Who's on 3rd base?
Level 59
How many letters in the answer?
Level 60
What % of people have trouble with fractions?
Level 61
How do you make varnish dissappear?
Level 62
Cats feet
Level 63
Why did the chicken cross the road
Level 64
Which cheese is made backwards
Level 65
Why do melons in love have to have a big wedding?
Level 66
Spot the difference!
Level 67
What is a cow's favourite beverage?
Level 68
Do horses believe in god?
Level 69
Plastic or paper?
Level 70
Would you like a checkpoint now?
Level 71
Level 72
What is insanely great?
Level 73
?/The Strawberry
Level 74
A creature is pruning a bush
Level 75
Click 'Yes' to exit
Level 76
What did we do with all the questions from the flash version?
Level 77
Which of the following are you most likely to see in America?
Level 78
A jack in the box
Level 79
Dragon here, please
Level 80
Where's the best place to look for blue tits?
Level 81
Click the anser!
Level 82
If you think for long enough the answer's obvious
Level 83
An almost blank screen
Level 84
Can you still remember?
Level 85
When is the Impossible Quiz 3 coming out?
Level 86
What do sheep and bees think of christmas?
Level 87
This isn't as hard as it looks...
Level 88
An Englishman an Irishman and a Scotsman walk into a bar...
Level 89
A long piece of text talking about lemurs, etc
Level 90
How many stars in this sky?
Level 91
How many lives do you have?
Level 92
Click the odd one out
Level 93
What breaks when you say it?
Level 94
If it is on fire, use baking soda
Level 95
Touch the smallest
Level 96
What's found at the centre of a black hole?
Level 97
How many times have lemurs been mentioned in this quiz?
Level 98
Which is the largest?
Level 99
What is the shortest distance between these two points?
Level 100
How many letters in Mississippi?
Level 101
A painting that says 'Lift me'
Level 102
What color is Chris's collar?
Level 103
Seven windows covered in gunk
Level 104
What do eskimos get from sitting on the ice too long?
Level 105
A black screen with 'Search!'
Level 106
A monkey's uncle?
Level 107
This will be a random question from the complete quiz.
Level 108
Put finger here
Level 109
What is this? A picture of two graphs fighting
Level 110
If you have hope in one hand and poop in the other, what's in your hand?
Level 111
What is water?
Level 112
What's the laziest mountain in the world?
Level 113
Which color is the nicest?
Level 114
What's Chris's favourite day of the week?
Level 115
A disassembled fusestopper.
Level 116
What do you call a boomerang that doesn't work?
Level 117
This is a random question from a set.
Level 118
Touch the screen 50 times
Level 119
How do you get holy water?
Level 120
A random question which asks you about the Impossible Quiz.
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