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Potion Maker

Potion Maker: Cheats, Codes & Achievements

The first game of Sinsiroad! Animated characters in Live2D! Pio-chan cute! Enhanced potion to put the material to the cauldron! Infinitely becomes higher price! Potion making an increasingly developed in upgrade! Aim the millionaire Become a potion master! Collect all the potion on a total of 75 species Let's finish the book! ★ Recommended for these people! ★ I do not want to wait for the stamina recovery! I want a game that does not require Internet connection! I want to test my luck! Moe is good - anyway! ★ How to play ★ 1. Make a potion to select one of the material passing through the top of the screen! 2. Let's raise the price to put more and more also other material! 3. Trying to enhance! 4. Try again! 5. Do not be frustrated if fail, try again! 6. Trying to sell high! 7. Become a rich man! ※ For more inquiries, please send by e-mail.
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Cheats, Codes, Achievements
Google Play Achievements
1 Blackcats summoned!
2,000 Pushcats summoned!
Material Upgrade Level 15!
Used 150,000,000 materials
Used 2,500,000 materials
1,000 Pushcats summoned!
Material Upgrade Level 12!
Material Upgrade Level 10!
2 Pushcats summoned!
Used 1,000 materials
100,000,000,000,000 total coins collected!
Material Upgrade Level 4!
Material Upgrade Level 7!
Material Upgrade Level 11!
100,000,000 total coins collected!
1,000 Level 1 Potions sold!
Material Upgrade Level 9!
1,000,000 total coins collected!
Used 75,000,000 materials
Material Upgrade Level 5!
Enhancement failed 30 times!
Material Upgrade Level 8!
100,000 total coins collected!
Enhancement failed 1,000 times!
Enhancement failed 300 times!
Enhancement failed 3,000 times!
Enhancement failed 10,000 times!
Enhancement succeeded 2,500 times!
Enhancement failed 100 times!
100,000,000,000 total coins collected!
Enhancement succeeded 100 times!
Enhancement succeeded 1,000 times!
Enhancement succeeded 500 times!
10,000 total coins collected!
Enhancement succeeded 5,000 times!
Enhancement succeeded 10,000 times!
Material Upgrade Level 6!
100 Pushcats summoned!
100 Level 1 Potions sold!
10,000,000,000 total coins collected!
Material Upgrade Level 18!
Material Upgrade Level 19!
Material Upgrade Level 16!
10,000,000 total coins collected!
10,000,000,000,000 total coins collected!
10,000 Level 1 Potions sold!
Material Upgrade Level 20!
Material Upgrade Level 17!
Material Upgrade Level 3!
Material Upgrade Level 14!
1,000,000,000 total coins collected!
Used 30 materials
Used 50,000 materials
500 Pushcats summoned!
Material Upgrade Level 13!
1,000,000,000,000 total coins collected!
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