Word Collapse (1002126): Walkthroughs, Answers, Cheats, Codes, Achievements
Word Collapse

Word Collapse: Cheats, Codes & Achievements

If you enjoy crosswords, sudoku and match three games – try Word Collapse! Word Collapse will test your puzzle skills and knowledge in everything from fruit to funny movie quotes. Just choose a theme and swipe away the words - the goal is to clear the board. Each time you remove one word the remaining letters will collapse into new words. Plan one or two steps ahead or it might collapse into a dead-end! WordCollapse includes over 200 free puzzles. If you like the game there are more than 50 puzzle packs available in the shop. Choose between "60s Nostalgia”, “Funny puns”, “Song quotes” and much, much more! Highlights: * Fun, easy and intuitive * Thousands of fun puzzles * Collect Stars and Achievements - Please observe that although WordCollapse is free to download and play, it offers purchases in the app. You may disable this feature in the settings of your device.
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Cheats, Codes, Achievements
Google Play Achievements
Misheard lyrics complete
Ever mixed to proverbs or idioms? Here are 100 proofs showing that you're not the only one...
More funny puns complete
Movie Quotes complete.
Movie Tag Lines complete.
Murphy's Laws complete.
Nature complete.
Nobel Prize Champions complete.
Presidential Quotes complete.
Get 50 stars.
Proverbs complete.
Proverbs 2 complete.
Puzzle Pack 1 complete.
Puzzle Pack II complete.
Quiz Pack complete.
Get 10 stars.
Science complete.
Slogans complete.
Song Quotes complete.
Song Quotes 2 complete.
Get 100 stars.
Springtime complete.
Starter Pack complete.
Summertime complete.
Synonyms complete.
Taster Pack complete.
Thanksgiving complete.
The 20th Century Pack complete.
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth...
The Groucho Pack complete.
Things Parents Say complete.
Finish the Tommy Cooper Classics pack.
Travel America complete.
Travel Europe complete.
Valentines Day complete.
Wintertime complete.
You know you're from the USA complete.
You know you're old... complete.
You might be a redneck... complete
Played for 10 years.
Played for 1 year.
Played for 2 years.
Played for 3 years.
Played for 4 years.
Played for 5 years.
60's Nostalgia complete.
Played for 6 years.
70's Nostalgia complete.
Played for 7 years.
80's Nostalgia complete.
Played for 8 years.
90's Nostalgia complete.
Played for 9 years.
Academy Awards compete.
Autumn complete.
Bad Jokes complete.
Books and Authors complete.
Bucket List complete.
Cat Jokes Complete.
Christmas complete.
Culture complete.
100 paw-ful dog puns!
Easy Acronyms complete.
Einstein Quotes complete.
Entertainment complete.
Facebook Pack complete.
Famous Last Words complete.
Famous People complete.
Famous Quotes complete.
Food and Beverages complete.
Complete Summertime, Autumn, Wintertime and Springtime.
Fun Facts: Animals complete.
Fun facts: celebs complete
Complete Fun Facts: The Body
Funny Celeb Quotes complete.
Funny Excuses complete.
100 levels of actual headlines. Unfortunate or witty? You tell us!
Funny Insults complete.
Funny Movie Quotes complete.
Funny notes complete
Funny Puns complete.
Funny Quotes complete.
Funny Signs complete.
Funny Sport Quotes complete.
Get 200 stars.
Great inventions complete
Great Pick-Up Lines! complete.
Halloween complete.
James Bond complete.
Knock, knock... complete.
Learning French complete.
Learning Spanish complete.
Leisure and Pleasure complete.
Lots of Things complete.
Lots of Things II complete.
Love Quotes complete.
Mark Twain Quotes complete.
Get 500 stars.
Masters of quotes complete
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