Death Road to Canada (1002143): Walkthroughs, Answers, Cheats, Codes, Achievements
Death Road to Canada
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Death Road to Canada: Cheats, Codes & Achievements

Death Road to Canada is a Randomly Generated Road Trip Action-RPG. You manage a group of jerks as they explore cities, find weird people, and face up to 500 zombies at once. Everything's randomized: locations, events, survivor personalities and skills. There's a different story every time you play. Travel the Death Road from Florida to Canada, the last nation on Earth. Find special events, rare encounters, and unique recruits. Recruit a grunting super-bodybuilder who's strong enough to pick up and throw the car. Try to teach a dog how to walk upright and shoot a minigun. Most of all, get eaten by enormous hordes of slow, classic-style zombies. *NOTE* A controller is required for the Android TV version. ++ This game is only available in English ++ DEATH ROAD FEATURES: - Designed for massive amounts of replay value. - Supports Bluetooth game pad controllers - Character Maker lets you put friends and family into the game. - Meet your custom characters during your travels. Get them eaten by mistake or on purpose. - Make tough choices in text events that change depending on your group. - Your team has different personalities, and someone may betray the others. Be careful! - Lots and lots of secret events and unique characters with special abilities. - Equip a wide variety of different weapons. Splat zombies with a flamethrower, battleaxe, hockey stick, wizard staff (lightning bolt), Mjolnir, boomerang, and much more. - Canada jokes written by a real Canadian so they're 100% accurate. - Get rid of all humans and make an entire team composed of dogs driving the car. - Airhorn weapon with incredibly realistic, computer-generated airhorn sounds.
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Cheats, Codes, Achievements
Google Play Achievements
Win with the Wizard! It is your destiny.
Win the game with Uncle Sam or Muscle Eagle.
Anime Girl anime'd the car.
Win Long Winding Road Mode.
Win with a BERSERK! trait character. They're rather death prone.
Win Familiar Characters EXTREME Mode.
Win Rare Characters Mode.
Win with the original hot Vampire, not those newfangled sparkling ones.
Carl! Caaaaarl!
Win the game with the holiday beaver in the team.
Win the game with the pirate captain rare trader camp recruit.
Train Mechanical 50 times.
Win the game with a feral cat in the team.
Win with Cat Lady. Who knew hoarding cats would be this useful?
Win a game with the caveman after breaking her out of the ice.
A miracle happened that day...
Beat Deadlier Road Mode.
Win with the Fencer. Parry and Riposte!
Win with L#nk. The censored vowel changes every game.
Just like in my clown nightmares.
Win with Roller Derby Woman. She's well trained for the zombocalypse.
Win with 4 dogs. Dog squaaaaad.
Win K*E*P*A Mode with Kepa. Please don't get me killed.
Win Rare Characters EXTREME Mode.
Win with the Queen of Fairies. Make a wish for friendship.
Win Death Road Normal Mode.
Win 5 consecutive games in a row without losing.
Rescued a chicken. May have turned it into nugs after.
Win with G#rf. Every day... is a Monday.
Knight left the team alive.
Train Fitness 75 times.
Win with Gnomey, the most OP character. S++ on the Official Tier List.
Win the game with a goat. It's going to ruin the car.
Train Strength 100 times. Build mass, build bulk.
Win with the Hermit after coaxing him out of his Hermit Hut.
Beat Marathon Mode.
Win with the funny Clown. *distorted honk*
Win with Turkey. Tip: Do not eat it.
Goodbye, Alvis.
Win Familiar Characters Mode.
Win with Gordo. Any resemblance to another character is coincidental.
Train Medical 50 times.
Win with a skeleton. Internal skeletons don't count.
Beat Short Trip to Heck Mode.
Win with El Satan's patented wrestling moves.
Open 100 toilets, revealing the toilet genie.
Win with Santa, a real Christmas miracle.
Win the first 10 game modes.
Win with the friendliest guy there is.
Win with Horse. You're a pony no more.
In the last moment, killed your chance of victory.
Win with a full team of 4 people/dogs/beings.
Win with no ally deaths. This includes traders and mall cops.
Streak the first 10 game modes!
Proved the existence of spooky ghosts.
Heal teammates 75 times.
Reach the final area with a working car.
Win with the bunker laboratory scientist.
Win with some pig in the team.
Win with the Renaissance Faire bard recruit.
Win with sumo wrestler. Sumo is the ultimate anti-zombie martial art.
Train Shooting 75 times.
Win with Alvis, the Crooner of the Zombocalypse.
Beat K*E*P*A Mode.
Win with the Panda. Maybe Canada will be a good habitat.
Pure solo victory. Start with one character, never get a recruit.
Win with The Last Bodybuilder. He's so strong.
Win with Valkyrie. This should be an easy one.
Win with the Witch. Magic hat, magic broom, magic uzi.
Win with the Boxer. Stick and move!
Win with the Debutante. I guess she does kind of look like Mary Poppins.
Splat 100,000 zombies!
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