BASEBALL 9 (1002145): Walkthroughs, Answers, Cheats, Codes, Achievements
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BASEBALL 9: Cheats, Codes & Achievements

Enjoy fast-paced, realistic baseball game, featuring compact gameplay and informative stats. Play BASEBALL NINE to become the Legend League Champion! ★ Game Features - Lean and fast gameplay! - Casual characters and serious game mechanics! - Pitching and fielding as fun as batting! - You can play base running manually! - Comprehensive player stats! - Improved Autoplay with selective automation of player, inning, watching, and quick result. - Rename, gear up, and customize your players! - Offline mode available! ★ Fast, compact gameplay! - Enjoy a speedy, streamlined playing experience. - Hit massive dingers and get thrilling strikeouts. - Specialized auto functions by game, by inning, and by player are a given! ★ Enjoy realistic baseball! - Experience gameplay with realistic baseball rules. - Simulated results based on actual game stats. ★ Recruit and develop your roster! - Recruit players and develop them by raising stats of your choice - Equip and upgrade skills to develop them into specialists. - Raise the player tiers to turn them into hall of famers. ★ Customize your players! - Rename them and set them as left-handed or right-handed batters or pitchers. - Change their faces, pick body types, and choose different batting and pitching motions. - Try equipping a range of bats, gloves, and glasses to customize your players in unique ways. ★ Manage your team and get promoted to higher leagues! - Rename your team and change its emblem and uniform. - Expand into new stadiums and manage the team’s cumulative stats. - Advance to the postseason and win for promotion to a higher league. ★ Supports tablets.
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Cheats, Codes, Achievements
Google Play Achievements
Substitute a pitcher during manual play.
Promote to CHAMPION League.
Equip a skill.
Change to a left-handed batter.
Buy a team Emblem.
Promote to PRO League.
Raise Max Level.
Change a player’s face.
Field a double play during manual play.
Recruit 1 outfielder.
Reach Player Lv.10.
Buy a player gear.
Get your team’s first win.
Own a Gold tier player.
Change to a Bulky player.
Reach Team Level 5.
Hit 10 home runs as a team.
Win the postseason.
Record a Home Run during manual play.
Use a pinch hitter during manual play.
Change to a left-handed pitcher.
Use a pinch runner during manual play.
Change batting motion.
Change pitching motion.
Buy a team Uniform.
Advance to the postseason.
Win by 10 or more points defference.
Recruit 1 reliever.
Own a Platinum tier player.
Check a player’s Info.
Change the team name.
Promote to LEGEND League.
Change to a switch hitter.
Record a Run during manual play.
Promote to MASTER League.
Own a Silver tier player.
Recruit 1 Starter.
Win the league.
Record a Stolen Base during manual play.
Record a Strike Out during manual play.
Recruit 1 Infielder.
Start your team’s first winning streak.
Achieve 10 team wins.
Check your team’s Info.
Record a Hit during manual play.
Change the player name.
Advance with a walk during manual play.
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