Lords of the Fallen (1002160): Walkthroughs, Answers, Cheats, Codes, Achievements
Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen: Cheats, Codes & Achievements

Lords of the Fallen is a mysterious action game where you battle gothic monsters in a thrilling 1-on-1 combat. Use swipe controls to attack, dodge or parry. But keep in mind that quick wits needs to be combined with the right strategy to defeat enemies. Jump into a brand new mobile experience set in the universe of Lords of the Fallen. Join Harkyn, Yetka and Kaslo as they journey deep into the heart of a forsaken monastery to end the reign of the Demon Queen Acasha once and for all. BATTLE GOTHIC MONSTERS IN 1-ON-1 COMBAT Fight against unholy horrors using the steel of your sword and the courage of your conviction. Dodge leviathan fists and counter with a flurry of slashes. Chain together massive combos and deliver unspeakable damage with the edge of your blade. INTUITIVE CONTROLS MAKE EVERY SWIPE COUNT Lords of the Fallen puts the action at the tip of your finger through swiping sword strikes and tapping defensive maneuvers. So long as you have quick wits and even quicker reflexes, you’ll be able to go toe-to-toe against those demonic beasts. CREATE A HERO THAT BATTLES ON YOUR TERMS Be the dreaded Harkyn, scourge of nightmares, the dual-wielding Yetka, or the hammer-handed Kaslo. Find new materials to craft weapons, armor, and amulets and equip your hero in whatever way you desire. DOWNLOAD NOW and make your enemies fall! Support: support@cigames.com
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Cheats, Codes, Achievements
Google Play Achievements
Do 200 successful attacks
Do 500 successful attacks
Do 1000 successful attacks
Do 5000 successful attacks
Do 10000 successful attacks
Spend 20000 coins
Spend 50000 coins
Spend 100000 coins
Spend 500000 coins
Spend 1000000 coins
Get a 50 items as a reward
Get a 1000 items as a reward
Craft 2 items in the forge
Craft 10 items in the forge
Craft 50 items in the forge
Craft 100 items in the forge
Craft 500 items in the forge
Inflict 1000 damage
Inflict 20000 damage
Inflict 50000 damage
Inflict 100000 damage
Inflict 500000 damage
Do 50 dodges
Do 100 dodges
Do 1000 dodges
Do 2000 dodges
Do 5000 dodges
Use 50 elixirs
Use 100 elixirs
Use 500 elixirs
Use 1000 elixirs
Parry 20 strikes
Parry 50 strikes
Parry 200 strikes
Parry 500 strikes
Parry 1000 strikes
Complete Campaign circle
Do 50 blocks
Do 100 blocks
Do 500 blocks
Do 1000 blocks
Do 2000 blocks
Get 20000 coins as a reward
Get 50000 coins as a reward
Get 100000 coins as a reward
Get 500000 coins as a reward
Get 1000000 coins as a reward
Use 20 spells
Use 50 spells
Use 100 spells
Use 200 spells
Use 500 spells
Win 10 fights with Yetka
Win 50 fights with Yetka
Win 100 fights with Yetka
Win 200 fights with Yetka
Win 500 fights with Yetka
Do 50 combo attacks
Do 100 combo attacks
Do 200 combo attacks
Do 500 combo attacks
Do 1000 combo attacks
Win 10 fights with Harkyn
Win 50 fights with Harkyn
Win 100 fights with Harkyn
Win 200 fights with Harkyn
Win 500 fights with Harkyn
Kill the Lady Inaferi
Kill the Lord Aresius the Pyromancer
Kill the Lord Captain Varian
Kill the Lord Decepticus
Kill the Lord Dortrawest
Kill the Lord Harvar the Blaze
Kill the Lord Idris the Swordmaster
Kill the Lord Lysander the Sinister
Kill the Lord Raegar the Keeper
Kill the Lord Vachael
Kill the Lord Valarys the Beastmaster
Kill the Queen Akasha
Win 10 fights with Kaslo
Win 50 fights with Kaslo
Win 100 fights with Kaslo
Win 200 fights with Kaslo
Win 500 fights with Kaslo
Get a 5 items as a reward
Get a 100 items as a reward
Get a 500 items as a reward
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