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2 Player Quiz Pro
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2 Player Quiz Pro: Q&A

2 Player Quiz is a multiplayer quiz. Flags Choose the correct country flags. Who is who Choose in which movies an actor played or which movies a director directed. Which songs a musician released or which books an author released. Or which football clubs belong to which country. Which clubs won the Bundesliga or Football world cup. Geography maps Place a marker as close as possible to the requested City/Location. Maps are available for America, South America, Australia, Europe, Asia, Germany, England, Ireland, Iceland, Spain, Italy, France, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Switzerland, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, Austria, Colombia, Brazil, Belgium, Switzerland, India, Poland, Turkey, Canada, South Korea, North Korea, Chile, Bolivia, Sweden, Portugal, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Croatia, Greece, Philippines, Indonesia, Egypt, Japan, China and Scotland. Special categories: Olympic Summer games, Football world cup finals and Super Bowl. Years Each player chooses after each other either the oldest or earliest dates of an given topic. Topics: Movies, Shows, Football/Basketball/Baseball/American Football clubs, Videogames, Inventions, Birthdays of famous people, Company foundation, Cars, Medieval battles, Ancient buildings, Books, Programming languages and Linux distributions. Countries Choose the countries with either the highest or lowest number of population/size. 250 countries from China to Vatican City. Or choose the highest or smallest mountains and buildings. Logos Choose the correct company or tech logo. Rounds Each time a player makes a mistake everyone else gets a star. The player who reaches the stars goal first wins the game. Avatars Choose between 30 adorable player avatars. The game works offline and no internet connection is required.
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