5-6-7 Letter - Word Game (1000848): Walkthroughs, Answers, Cheats, Codes, Achievements
5-6-7 Letter - Word Game
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5-6-7 Letter - Word Game

5-6-7 Letter - Word Game Popular game is now on your mobile phone and tablet. Perfect word game. Guess the 5-6-7 letter words. 5-6-7 Letter is the new word game of Msb Apps. The classic word game for the whole family. You have 5 attempts to guess 5-letter word that you know first letter. Each guess must be completed in 1 minute. You have 6 attempts to guess 6-letter word and 7 attempts for 7-letter word. Colors will help you. Green: Correct letter is in right position. Yellow: The letter is correct but in the wrong place. Red: When all the letters are red, it means that a word is not in the dictionary. If you find the target word in your first guess, you will earn 100 points. The points you earn will decrease as you use more attempts to guess. When you are stuck, you can use hint. You have 1 hint for each word. You can use it at any time by pressing the hint button in the upper left corner. You reach a very high score with the 5-6-7 Letter and you don't know the next word. Will your score be wasted? Of course not, you can continue playing where you left the game by watching an ad. Be careful when you pause the game, time keeps flowing. Your scores are being held with the Google Play Leaderboards. You can compete for leadership with your friends and everyone else. Thanks to Google Play Achievements, your achievements are rewarded. You can achieve increasingly challenging successes one by one. You can play 5-6-7 Letter in English, Dutch, Spanish and Turkish. You can change the language of the game at any time by pressing the language button from the settings menu. Do not forget to look at how to play section by pressing on the question mark from the settings menu. 5-6-7 Letter - Word Game was developed by Most Significant Bit Apps. This is not the Lingo - Word Game and it is not associated with the Lingo TV Show. © 2020 Msb Apps
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