A3: Still Alive

A3: Still Alive

Developer: A3: Still Alive

A3: Still Alive

A3: Still Alive

Developer: Netmarble

A3: Still Alive
Android, iOS
A3: Still Alive is the latest MMORPG from netmarble, and it tasks players with saving the world from a cultist group. The game is a dark fantasy genre splice that mixes together RPG elements and intense battle royale action.

A3: Still Alive Guide Ė Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

This post was written by Nick Schaer on 16 Nov, 2020

1. The Basics of A3: Still Alive

A3: Still Alive is based on Netmarbleís popular PC game, simply known as A3, and it casts you into a world of ďstrife, conflict, and turmoil.Ē The game does a nice job of blending open world MMORPG, with the action of a battle royale game. Much of the game focuses on it’s RPG elements. Follow our guide below to master this epic new game! A3: Still Alive Screenshot 1

2. Keep Farming

Throughout your time spent in every battle royale match, you will encounter both monsters and other players. To succeed as the last player standing, itís imperative that you farm other monsters and players to level up both your character and your weapon. Utilizing a character skill thatís classified as an AOE attack or one that has a high DPS rating works great when farming monsters. But donít spend too much time chasing other players, however. You could end up under-leveled by the time you reach the final showdown in Sector Four. Itís not worth attacking other players until you enter Sectors Two through Four.

3. Get Soul Linkers

In order to start rolling for Soul Linkers, you’ll need to first reach Chapter 1-37 of the main story. This will take some time to do, but Soul Linkers are quite an important aspect of the game so for those of you who are particularly dedicated, it might be worth giving this a try. A3: Still Alive Screenshot 2

4. Larger Monster, Larger Reward

Monster icons on the minimap signify the location of a high priority target. These types of monsters can be killed for bonus EXP and to permanently increase your Vision on the map. When youíre dropped onto the map, the world initially appears dark. But by defeating these high priority monsters, you can bring some light back into your characterís world. A3: Still Alive Screenshot 3

5. Gear Up

The map within A3: Still Alive includes four Sectors that you will have to traverse through. Once per visit to Sectors One through Three, treasure chests will appear on the map. While monsters do occasionally drop loot, these treasure chests drop much better loot and you should always prioritize opening them. Getting your hands on some purple rated gear from treasure chests happens at a higher rate during the later stages of a match.

Final Word

In the tutorial first choose your preferred profession, name, and appearance to kick off the game. Once you’re in the game, tap the Main Quest button in the top left to start automatically moving in that direction. Finishing the main quest will be necessary to unlock further important features in the game! Follow our guide above and you’ll be on your way to defeating and beating your opponents. Good luck out there!

Gameplay Video

Overall Tips

  • Go for the larger monsters
  • Collect treasure chests for gear

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