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Adventure Escape: Hidden Ruins: Chapter 3 Walkthrough

The Adventure Escape series has been very popular and this time you are working on the archeological find of the century when things take a turn for the worse! You must help to protect your find from the clutches of those that are trying to steal it away from you. This game was only recently released and it already has over 100,000 downloads. If you need help on any levels then check out our walkthrough videos.
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  1. Nick Schaer
    4 years ago

    1. Pick up the four fragments and then head through the left doorway.

    2. Pick up another four fragments.

    3. Leave and go through the right doorway. Pick up another four fragments and the hawk jar.

    4. Leave and tap on the stone plaque on the ground. Place all the fragments on it and piece them together. Donít forget that you can tap a piece to rotate it.

    5. Go down the stairs that open up. Pick up the gear and head through the right doorway.

    6. Pick up the sieve and snake jar.

    7. Leave the room and use the sieve to get the key from the fountain. Then head through the left doorway.

    8. Once the lights are on, tap all the things in the photo that are different. Take the crocodile jar, cobweb and brush. Also, use the key to open the chest and get the rope.

    9. Go back up the stairs and through the two doorways. Use the brush to get rid of the dust and debris to find a gear in each room. You can also use it on a pile of dust to get a star.

    10. Go back down and through the right door. Use the rope to connect the cage to the lever mechanism. Place all the gears on the lever mechanism to the right and solve the gears puzzle. The cage will lift up, freeing the bird.

    11. Use the cobweb to stop the birdís bleeding. Theyíll name him Bert. Pick him up.

    12. Use Bert to reach the stone star.

    13. Leave the room and place the star on the sarcophagus. Take the ox jar from inside.

    14. Go right again and place all four jars with the jar puzzle.

    15. Go back upstairs and look at the plaque again. Follow the path from each animal to an organ or body part. The Ox goes to the lungs, the the Hawk goes to the heart, the Snake goes to the eye, and the Crocodile goes to the brain. Make note of them and then move the jars around downstairs to the correct body parts to solve the puzzle.

    16. Go through the door and continue to the next area on the map. Use Bert to reach the vine and checkered piece for you.

    17. Pick up the sword, another checkered piece, and two planks. Also, move the rock aside to get another checkered piece.

    18. Use the sword on the thick vine to get another vine. Use it on the vines covering the arched doorway to get another.

    19. Go through the arched doorway to another room. Use the sword to get two more vines and pick up another plank and checkered piece.

    20. Pick up another checkered piece and tap on the partial checkered board on the wall. Add all the checkered pieces and then complete the Tetris-like puzzle. Remember, you can tap a piece to rotate it. The end result needs to be a checkerboard with alternating black and white squares.

    21. Next, you need to copy the pattern from the pool. Go through the door that opens.

    22. Pick up the bird talon and another plank.

    23. Go back to the first scene and use the bird talon on the object stuck in the well to get the fifth and final plank.

    24. Go back to the bridge and place a plank down and tie it with a vine. Continue doing this for all five planks and vines. Then cross the bridge.

    25. Look at the symbols on the tablets hanging from the shrine. Go back to the statues and copy those symbols to get the spear.

    26. Use the spear to get the drone and computer chips. Then go back and place them with the iPad/tablet/controller. Place them in the correct slots to fix it. Remember, you can tap a piece to rotate it.

    27. Now that the drone is working again, you can use it to blast through a weak wall! Go through to complete the chapter.

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