Adventure Games: The Genre Reborn


Telltale resurrects a once thought to be dying genre.

  As Telltale continues to bring the legendary adventure genre back to life, we look back at some classic adventure games that defined the genre with a countdown.   Batman - The Telltale Series   With Telltale Batman‘s first episode out, many are playing adventure games for the first time in years (or ever, depending on your age). But before Telltale resurrected the genre that seemed to disappear for a decade or so, there were games that formed the foundation for Telltale to embrace. I interviewed an adventure game enthusiastic to find out her top picks in this fan-favorite genre. To those who have played these classics during the rise of the adventure game era, do your favorites match up? To those who weren’t playing these classics during that era, you might have just found a new set of games to get your hands on.   The Top 3 Classics:   1. Maniac Mansion (and it’s sequel, Day Of The Tentacle) Maniac Mansion   Maniac Mansion is the Pulp Fiction of video games. It’s wacky. Crazy wacky. Insane asylum wacky. But also all kinds of wacky fun to play too. Full of humor and crazy characters, Maniac Mansion finds you and 2 friends trying to save your girlfriend who has been kidnapped by Dr Fred Edison. You must enter the Edison manor to rescue her. From talking-walking tentacles, to an insane family, Maniac Mansion has it’s memorable moments. From a technical standpoint, it’s one of the first games that allowed you to switch between characters at will, which was a huge achievement back then.   2. Kingdom O’ Magic Kingdom O' Magic   Kingdom O’ Magic is best described as a parody of the Lord Of The Rings. You get to choose which character to play, and then choose between 3 quests. The game shows technical achievement in how other characters just wander around, doing their own thing, until you choose to interact with them. It’s funny, yet serious, and also very charming.   3. The Pandora Directive The Pandora Directive   The Pandora Directive is a game in the Tex Murphy series. Tex is a lovable, down-on-his-luck P.I. who seems to have a knack for stumbling into dangerous situations. The game is set in the future, where the world is divided by norms and mutants. You, as Tex, are hired to find a man who has gone missing. Along the way you begin a story revolving around a serial killer known as ‘The Black Arrow Killer’, which in turn leads Tex into giant conspiracy regarding the Roswell incident. Where is the missing man? Who is the man that hired you? Can Tex solve the mystery, and make it home alive? You actions throughout the game affect the nail-biting climax.   Rounding Out the List:   4. Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within 5. Noctropolis 6. Full Throttle 7. Magic Knight: Stormbringer (Spectrum) 8. Lost Eden 9. The Secret Of Monkey Island 10. Sierra’s The Hobbit 11. Terramex (Spectrum) 12. Flunky (Spectrum)   Have an opinion about our list? Comment below! As Telltale continues to release new games, the adventure genre will only continue to grow. One of the best formats for telling a great story through the gaming medium has finally been given new life again. Refreshing, to say the least.


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