All is Lost: Review

All is Lost

by: Foursaken Media


Gameplay 95%

All is Lost is a Runner/Platformer. The character is always running from left to right and you can only control a few actions to perform, and also interact with the level. To jump, you swipe your thumb up on the left part of the screen, and in order to roll down to avoid some obstacles, you swipe down. On the right part of the screen, you make motions to interact with doors and other elements on the level such as ventilation ducts, elevators and platforms. All-is-Lost-Screenshot-1   On the screen you’ll see icons telling you what the next move is. There’s a Jump icon, another one for Rolling, and arrows pointing to the four directions. Here the timing is the key to succeed, if you jump to early, you may not reach the next platform, if you don’t swipe down on time, the character may bump into an obstacle at the beginning of the motion. With doors you have to be specially careful, since they do not stay closed forever. If you close a ventilation duct where fire is coming out too soon, the cover may go flying just when your passing through, so you lose a life. Each level has a set of Lives, or “opportunities”, and represents a member of the space crew escaping from the ship. You can see the lenght of a level on a distance bar on the bottom of the screen. Like many runners, is all about memorizing the stage and reacting at the right time when you see a new danger.

Graphics 100%

The visual style of All is Lost is great. You’re in a Space Ship with huge windows everywhere, so you can look outside to the universe. Galaxies, asteroids, space dust, constelations and everything looks awesome, and sometimes you’re pretty close to a planet or a star, and you can see how they created a very appealing Sci-Fi setting. All-is-Lost-Screenshot-2   The dangers on the levels have very nice visual effects, such as fire, electricity, windows on the way, and the lighting in real time looks great. As you go through the levels you’ll see all sorts of space machinery, like out of a NASA movie. Also the icons telling you what you’re next action is are big and distinctive, they stand out clearly so you’ll know what’s your next motion to make.

Production Quality 100%

Even if it is “just a mobile runner game”, Foursaken Media created a beautiful Science Fiction setting with realistic graphics and a story behind what’s happening. Most infinite runners on the App Store just have you tapping the screen to jump and that’s it. Here you have 6 different motions to make, and the timing has to be just right. Gameplay wise, is a pretty complete experience. All-is-Lost-Screenshot-3   There are many levels to choose from, and there’s always a different setting from the previous mission. Sometimes you’ll be mainly opening doors on the way, sometimes you’ll be jumping across multiple platforms, and other times you will have to roll down while closing 3 or 4 ventilations ducts on fire just in front of you. Once you’re close to the finish, you can feel the excitement of a classic challenging game, and the overall setting of the game just makes the experience pretty worthwhile.

Value for your Money 100%

All is Lost is completely free on the App Store, so download it now on your iOS device. When you lose you’ll only see a quick banner advertising, if you just press the “X” on the upper right corner, it shouldn’t bother you more than one second. As far as free Runner/Platformers goes, this one may be the best one available now.

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All is Lost is a great runner game, like is typical of the genre, you can just pick it up and play for a few minutes, a Mission is no longer than a minute, but the Space setting is awesome, and the way the developers adapted Science Fiction to this style of gameplay, is just great. Give it a try. Pros
  • Beautiful Graphics with Sci-Fi appeal
  • Very interactive for a Runner Game.
  • Sometimes swipping motions on the right part of the screen won’t be detected.

Game Help Guru Rating 99%


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