Angry Birds Go! (372): Walkthroughs, Answers, Cheats, Codes, Achievements
Angry Birds Go!
Rovio Entertainment
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Angry Birds Go!: Cheats, Codes & Achievements

Do you love Angry Birds games but hate the fact that they don't satisfy your desire to be playing a racing game? Do you love racing games, but feel guilty for cheating on your favorite Angry Birds characters? Well now you don't need to choose! Check out Angry Birds Go! There are hundreds of races to play where you challenge your favorite characters and test your skills. If you get stuck anywhere, or just want to check out the game, then take a look at our gameplay walkthrough videos for all challenges and tracks below :)
Cheats, Codes, Achievements
Google Play Achievements
Win 10 Time Booms
Unlock Bomb
Win 50 Time Booms
Win 100 Time Booms
Win 500 Time Booms
Win 1000 Time Booms
Unlock Chuck
Unlock 8 karts
Grind 10,000 meters
Unlock 12 Karts
Login 30 days in a row
Win 1,000 Races
Unlock Matilda
Collect 500,000 coins
Win 5 Fruit Splats
Unlock Terence
Win 500 Vs Races
Unlock Corporal Pig
Collect 100,000 coins
Break 500 Obstacles
Unlock King Pig
Unlock Bubbles
Upgrade beach buggy 15 times
Upgrade Beach buggy 23 times
Upgrade beach buggy 7 times
Collect 10,000 coins
Collect 50,000 coins
Unlock 1 kart
Get 25 Three Star Score Ratings
Unlock 2 karts
Win 500 Races
Drift 10,000 meters
Upgrade matchstick mobile 15 times
Upgrade matchstick mobile 23 times
Upgrade matchstick mobile 7 times
Upgrade ham glider 5 times
Upgrade ham glider 10 times
Upgrade ham glider 2 times
Fly 10,000 meters
Win 1000 Fruit Splats
Splat 10,000 Fruit
Win 100 Fruit Splats
Get 250 Three Star Score Ratings
Unlock 4 karts
Unlock 5 karts
Collect 250,000 coins
Unlock 9 karts
Complete 720 Sets of Jenga races
Complete 180 Sets of Jenga races
Complete 90 Sets of Jenga races
Complete 30 Sets of Jenga races
Play the Jenga Game 100 times
Complete 360 Sets of Jenga races
Win 500 Fruit Splats
Unlock 7 karts
Unlock 6 karts
Get 10 Three Star Score Ratings
Unlock 11 Karts
Get 100 Three Star Score Ratings
Win 10 Races
Unlock Foreman Pig
Unlock Stella
Use 100 Power-Ups
Use 300 Power-Ups
Use 500 Power-Ups
Win 50 Races
Win 100 Races
Upgrade semi-skimmer 10 times
Upgrade semi-skimmer 3 times
Win 50 Fruit Splats
Get 50 Three Star Score Ratings
Unlock 10 Karts
Unlock 3 karts
Unlock every kart
Level up any kart
Get 30 tickets
Play the game for 30 hours
Unlock The Blues
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