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Emojination 3D: EmojiMusic 5 Answers

Ever since Emojination became one of the best emoji guessing games on the market, many have been awaiting a sequel. Well here it is! Emojination 3D, or also known as Emojination 2! The game has a fun traveling menu much like the first game, and you play through the map with a few little detours into movies, places, and other special themes. It is a pretty cool little emoji game. The answers don't seem to be randomized like the first game, so look up your level below
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Emojination 3D: EmojiMusic 5 Puzzle 0 Radio, Emoji AnswerEmojination 3D: EmojiMusic 5 Puzzle 1 Speaker, Flower, Flower, Flower AnswerEmojination 3D: EmojiMusic 5 Puzzle 2 Ship Wheel, Play Station AnswerEmojination 3D: EmojiMusic 5 Puzzle 3 Scorpio, Scorpio, Scorpio AnswerEmojination 3D: EmojiMusic 5 Puzzle 4 Crown, Mic, Meter, Photo Answer
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  1. Vicky hammond
    4 years ago

    Level 36 answers are different to the game and they don’t match to the pictures, there is one that’s come up in the game that doesn’t match the answers and it’s not listed

    1. mattbooth
      4 years ago

      Hi Vicki, can you describe it and we can help 🙂

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