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Just Jumble: Level 826 to 849 Answers

If you are into word games, then this game is a treat! It’s created by the two most syndicated word puzzle makers in the world. Their puzzles are featured in dozens of newspapers around the world, and now those puzzles are all available in this great, free app. If you haven’t played it, then click below to download it now. You won’t regret it. We’re putting together all the answers below!
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Level 826 When they carved the Jumble into the side of the mountain, they made a
Level 827 He joined a gym and started eating better because he wanted a
Level 828 Feeding the hawks, vultures and owls at the zoo was sometimes
Level 829 When he spotted the perfect evergreen tree at the nursery, he
Level 830 When asked how a smaller opponent had pulverized him, the boxer said
Level 831 Casper and his wife shopped in a
Level 832 When his twin brother started mimicking him, he was
Level 833 He was able to afford his new landscaping after making so much money in his
Level 834 The funeral home director read his book in
Level 835 When asked if they would be buying the little lodging establishment, they said
Level 836 The cyclops went to bed because he wanted to get
Level 837 The animal band needed a new drummer, so they hired
Level 838 Hoping to fill the seat of the disgraced councilman, he was
Level 839 He wasnt exactly sure what was wrong with the violin and needed to
Level 840 The animals in the forest got along so well because they were all
Level 841 The baby monkey was born in the
Level 842 When the twins went to the park to play, they went
Level 843 The horse wasnt feeling well because of
Level 844 She quit her office job to start her own business from home, but she
Level 845 They were enjoying the all-you-can-eat steak restaurant
Level 846 Working with plutonium is so tricky because of the
Level 847 The greedy owner of the seafood market was 
Level 848 After their air conditioner broke down again, she wished her husband could take a
Level 849 The handyman at the retirement community lived on a
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