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Riddle Quest First Letter: A Answers

Another great one from Apprope. They do have quite a few riddle games and Riddle Quest is a big one too! Over 1000 riddles to guess from. We've got all the answers too, Just take note that the riddles are randomized so that your level 10 is not the same as my level 10. It is best to search for your riddle by it's starting letter, or type out part of the riddle in our search bar. Happy riddling!
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Levels in Riddle Quest have been randomized so we can't always get it right. Look at level variations below or check our main page for this game.
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Riddle A barrel of water weighs 20 pounds. What can be added io make ii weigh 15?
Riddle A beacon from home to guide your way. it can be a Iifesaver on a stormy day. What is it?
Riddle A big gray beast hunts the African continent. It's deceptively dangerous and carries a name meaning river-horse. It is ...
Riddle A book once owned by the wealthy, now rare to find. Never for sale and 0Hen left behind. What am I?
Riddle A boy is spanked by both his mother and his father. Who hurts the most?
Riddle A boy is walking down the road with a doctor. The boy is the doctor's son, and the doctor is not the boy's father. Then who is the doctor?
Riddle A buried golden treasure, guarded by thousands in a maze that no man can enter. What is it?
Riddle A butcher has a 38 inch waist and is 6 feet tall. What does he weigh?
Riddle A child's delight with two wheels and pedals. It is a...
Riddle A chronicle of events. in books I am found. But I'm also an authentic copy and an archive of sound. What am I?
Riddle A circle of stones, never in rows. Stacked one on the other, mystery it sows. What is it?
Riddle A coiled snake without a head. An inanimate snake that binds without dread. What is it?
Riddle A collection of faces that jingle in your purse. What are they?
Riddle A confainer holding water but not a cup. If you want to find me. look up. What am I?
Riddle A creature of the night lacking traditional sight. What is it?
Riddle A dog ran onto a lake during a cold day. The dog did this without thinking, but also without sinking. How did he do this?
Riddle A drink from a cow often poured on cereal that can also be used to make butter and cheese. What is it?
Riddle A duck is swimming in a lake with a cal on its back. If the duck suddenly dives. what it?ppens io the cal?
Riddle A dusty eye and fan for a wing, hasits on a bent leg and sings with a mouth full of dye instead of a sting. What is it?
Riddle A faIher's and moIher's child I am one, but I am no one's son. Who am I?
Riddle A farmer had 18 sheep but unfortunately all but two died. how many sheep did the farmer have left?
Riddle A farmer has 17 sheep and all but 9 run away. How many are lelt?
Riddle A farmer went to town wifh some melons. He sold half of them plus half a melon and found he had one left. How many did he take to town?
Riddle A father's and moIher's child I am one, but I am no one's son. Who am I?
Riddle A father's child, a mother's child, yet no 0ne's son. What am I?
Riddle A forest-dwelling animal covered in fur but can also be found on ice draped all in white. What am I?
Riddle A frog sits on a pond waiting for bugs to fly by. Perched on the water, the frog seems glad. silently floating on a green".
Riddle A golden orb that appears in the sky, hovering all day and leaving each nighf. What is it?
Riddle A hand without flesh and nothing can I hold. My grip cannot be used until I am sold. What am I?
Riddle A heavenly body on which we all depend. It seems to go down but is always up in the end. What is it?
Riddle A heavy meial not black or red. It's What you do if you're ahead. What is it?
Riddle A hovering little creature, forwards and backwards I fly. Even if you don't see me you'II hear me fly by. what am I?
Riddle A killer of trees but many still need me. I have been coupled with ink since ancient Greece. What am I?
Riddle A lily pad on a pond grows twice hasize each day. If it covers half the pond on day nine, what day will it cover the whole pond?
Riddle A little pool with two walls around it. One of the walls is white and soft and the other is hard and dark. What is it?
Riddle A living thing left its young on a dead thing, which gives nourishment to the young living things.
Riddle A locked sphere without hinges or key. Break me open, and golden treasures you'lI see.
Riddle A long strange creature composed of many but acting as one. Puffing and screaming came with it, then a screech as it stopped. It is...
Riddle A long-necked creature of the African plains washes its ears with its tongue and disciplines with its head.
Riddle A man and a dog were going down the street. The man rode, yet walked. What was the name of the dog?
Riddle A man builds a house with all four sides facing south. A bear walks by the house. What color is the bear?
Riddle A man goes for a walk wifhouf an umbrella or hat. He does not get under anything, yet he doesn't get wet. How is this possible?
Riddle A man had a photo of his dad's grandfathor's son's son's only son. Who was in the phoio?
Riddle A man is looking at a picture. And he says, Sisters and brothers I have none, but this man's father is my father's son. Who is in the picture?
Riddle A man of sorts that can melt in the sun. however, building me in the cold can be a lot of fun. What am l?
Riddle A man was doing his job and tore his suit. Three minutes later he died. What is this man's job?
Riddle A man without bones whose flesh is cold. A man unthinking who is always shrinking. Who is it??
Riddle A morbid knot hanging from the sky. Reserved for bad ones where for ages they have died. What is it?
Riddle A mouse is trapped in a hole 40 meters deep. Each day he crawls 4 meters and slips 3. How many days until he is out?
Riddle A multi-layered root buried in the ground. Unbury me and cut me and a tear may be found. What am I?
Riddle A narrow fellow lies in the grass. Gliding over the ground wiih no legs to help pass. What is ii?
Riddle A one-eyed beast with a tail that flies. Every time it goes through the gap, some of the tail is left in the trap. What is this beast?
Riddle A place with substance and story, where many masquerade to there glory. What am I?
Riddle A plane crashed and every single person on the flight was killed, yet, there were survivors. Who survived?
Riddle A queen bee was buzzing, a worker bee was buzzing, a honey bee was also buzzing. How many bees were in buzzing?
Riddle A red drum that beats without being touched and grows silent when it is touched.
Riddle A rodent for a pet. Always running never moving stuck in a cage with nowhere to get. What is it?
Riddle A rustling giant with many arms and hands blowing in the breeze. What is it?
Riddle A seasonal activity that some animals attend to preserve their energy and await a famine's end.
Riddle A slug at the bottom of a tree is climbing to the top. Each day he climbs 4 meters but slips down 3 every night. On what day will he finish?
Riddle A snail crawls halfway around a circle then turns around and crawls halfway back. ls the snail back where he started?
Riddle A solid from a fluid source that cannot be burned in fire or drowned water. What is it?
Riddle A source ot water that is round like an apple and deep like a cup that even 50 strong men could not pull up. What is it?
Riddle A thing 0f spring and summer beauty that spreads its arms to the sky in the day and folds them every evening.
Riddle A token of one's love thai continually bends. I have no beginning but also no end. What am I?
Riddle A tool of creation held in the hand. I can also help you record your imagination. What am I?
Riddle A treetop gymnast that seems io fly from branch io branch. A mocking chatter follows his every move.
Riddle A type of man, but not a man at all. These graze in the ocean depths as the bovines of the sea. What is it?
Riddle A type of trophy graces the top of my head, until early spring when that adornment I shed. What am I?
Riddle A very pretty thing am I, fluttering across a blue sky. Delicate and fragile on the wing. I am surely a pretty thing. What am I?
Riddle A very un—bird like bird stuck on the ground. It's skin is tough as leather it feathers resemble hair, two ugly nostrils give it air.
Riddle A vibrating box holding keys without locks. What is it?
Riddle A word I know, six letters it contains. Subtract just one and twelve remains.
Riddle A word puzzle that sometimes lacks reason, but often rhymes and requires logic to pass the time. What is it?
Riddle A worm is in a 10 foot hole. Everyday he climbs 2 feet and drops back 1. How many days until he is out of the hole?
Riddle Add a letter to one, but you better place it with care. If you use the righi letter it will no longer be there.
Riddle Add me to myself and multiply by 4. Divide me by 8 and you will have me once more. What number am I?
Riddle Agile on its feel, hadrives dogs mad. It flicks its fail when angry and purrs when glad. It is a ....
Riddle Agile on my feet, I drive dogs mad. I flick my tail when I'm angry and hum when I'm glad. What am I?
Riddle AI first I am a yellow weed in the lawn, and then the wind blows. and my while feaihers are gone. What am I?
Riddle AI night, I have a head, but I Iose if every morning. What am I?
Riddle Alice's mom is a duck wiih five small ducklings: Jenny, Jerry, Julie. and Johnny. What's the name of the fifth duckling?
Riddle All my children built me my home. A house of many stories filled with gold. What am I?
Riddle All things this devours: beast, man, and flowers. It can destroy steel and ground stone to nil, ruin towns, and beat mountains down.
Riddle Although all birds lay eggs, mine are the toughest to crack. What am I?
Riddle Although I am a tasty delight. I am also a somewhat scary sight. Armored and clawed. I swim the sea with a tail guiding me.
Riddle Although I am small, my powers are great. I can farm. build, and defend my friends. What am I?
Riddle Although I'm dead for half my life, I live the rest. I can dance without music and breathe without breath. What am I?
Riddle Although most birds are rather cheerful, there are some that are not. What birds are the saddest in the world?
Riddle Although royal it may be, it is also a tool for measuring things. What is it?
Riddle Although slow, my life extends for years. Never in need of shelter because I have just behind my ears. What am I?
Riddle Although this may be all around you, you will never see it. What is it?
Riddle Although we may look to the past, this can never move in reverse. but only carry us into the future. What is it?
Riddle Always by your side, yet within another it may hide. It flickers next to the fire light and hides completely at night. What is it?
Riddle Always desired but never seen, iis easily measured and will forever be. It is
Riddle An animal that flies and suckles its young with no sight to use or song to be sung. What is it?
Riddle An industrious sort with a colony of friends. Our busy work will deliver a tasty treat in the end.
Riddle An odd creature I know requires eight arms and three hearts to grow. What is it?
Riddle Armored but not a knight, snapping bur not a twig, and always af home. even on the move? What is it?
Riddle As a sign of autumn, these fall to the ground. Other than an occasional rustling, they never make a sound. They are...
Riddle As big as an elephant but lighter than a feather. What is it?
Riddle As I'm used, I disappear. I fix mistakes far and near. On a pencil , I can be found in action. Clapping two of me together could cause a
Riddle As small as your thumb, l am light in the air. You may hear me before you see me, but trust that l'm there. What am I?
Riddle As your ideas grow, I shrink. What am I?
Riddle Ask me a question and I cannot answer you. I do not speak your language, but you speak mine. Needed on adventures, I'II point you home.
Riddle Asking no questions, I always demand answers. What am I?
Riddle At both extremes of the day, I am exactly the same distance away. I can look the same from both ends. I think has time to solve it my friend.
Riddle At home at night and covered with hair. They chew holes in clothes, so you better beware. What are they?
Riddle At home in a tree moving as slow as can be. A name of sin, but from them is free. What is it?
Riddle At home in your home. I can be your best friend. Take me to the park, on a leash to fend. What am I?
Riddle At home on a board or sitting on a throne. The crown on my head lets my power be known. What am I?
Riddle At times their green at ofhers their brown, which both make me frown. But for a while, they're perfect and yellow, which makes me smile.
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