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That Level Again: Level 39 Volume Walkthrough

This is a different game. Its a platform game which is made with a sketched up theme. It is quick and to the point and all you need to do is solve a little puzzle on the screen so that you can move on to the next level. If you get stuck we have walkthroughs for all 64 levels below.
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Turn up your device volume to max!
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  1. Bob Crachet
    6 years ago

    Turn your volume down, does not have to be right down because as you turn volume down the door opens in same increments.

  2. Kenedy
    5 years ago

    The level is callet “Tey Latter” for me. You need to go to the main menu and go badk to the level, that opens the door.

    1. Ashley
      5 years ago

      Thank you Kenedy!!!

  3. Carmen
    5 years ago

    Does it have to do with what kind of device you are using?….?
    Mine is a Moto Z Play, always in vibrate mode.
    Turning up the volume works for me. The door opens in same increments as I turn up the volume.

    1. Carmen
      5 years ago

      It is about how you keep the volume on your device:
      If it’s always up, lower the volume to open the door.
      If it’s low, turn it up to open the door.

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