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That Level Again: Level 45 Just one finger Walkthrough

This is a different game. Its a platform game which is made with a sketched up theme. It is quick and to the point and all you need to do is solve a little puzzle on the screen so that you can move on to the next level. If you get stuck we have walkthroughs for all 64 levels below.
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Just push 1 button at a time
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  1. Bob Crachet
    6 years ago

    For some reason unable to post on level 46, looks like a fault with the site.

    Level 46. A secret way.
    I could not move out of the way in time.
    The way I did it was:
    Go onto the button and allow yourself to be killed by the spikes coming down.
    As soon as new you appears run across.
    Jump up onto platform.
    I ended up running right through then jump up left on top of block so it goes back up to the ceiling with you on top.
    You should be able to jump right and land on top of block though.
    I overshot.

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