BADLAND Review  




The app stores are filled with a large number of endless runner and lemmings-style games. However, BADLAND holds a prominent place out of them because of its unique features. BADLAND can be considered as part inverted platformer and part physics puzzler game. Sometimes it isn’t even clear what is happening to you, and this may have played a role behind the popularity of the game.  


BADLAND can be defined as an atmospheric side scrolling game that is filled with adventure and action. You play through a gorgeous looking forest that is filled with various flowers, trees and inhabitants. Even though the forest may look like something out of a fairytale, players are given the task of controlling what’s happening in it. In other words, when you are playing this game, you will come across a large number of imaginative obstacles and traps. This is what makes it all so fun. The local multiplayer options provided in BADLAND is pretty interesting. Up to four players can use this feature in order to play on the same device. This multiplayer mode is all about survival of the fittest. When you select the multiplayer mode, you don’t have to ‘play by the rules’. For instance, you can push your opponents to circular saws to survive. BADLAND Review 2  


The excellent graphics found in BADLAND deliver an addictive and an immersive gaming experience to the users through your smartphones and tablets. The excellent graphics have also played a major role behind the popularity of this game. BADLAND Review 3  

Production Quality

BADLAND has been released on multiple platforms and is not just some budget production. Therefore, production quality is very high.  The game is compatible with Google Cloud as well. This will assist you to play the game in different devices and maintain the same progress in each of them.   The  game is free but has ads and in-app purchase. BADLAND Review 4  


Gameplay8 Graphics9 Production Quality9 Value for Money7 Overall8.25    


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