Beat colorful match-3 levels to renovate and decorate rooms in the mansion: Homescapes


by: Playrix
Match-3 Puzzle
Help Austin the butler bring warmth and comfort back to his wonderful family’s mansion. Come on in—adventures await you from the moment you walk in the door! Watch the chapters in the exciting family story along the way! What are you waiting for? Make yourself at home!


Gameplay 97%

Homescapes is the sequel of Playrix Match-3 puzzle game Gardenscapes, where you inherit a mansion with a huge garden, and you renovate it with the help of your new butler Austin. This time, he is actually the main character, that goes back to his old parents mansion who want to sell it, and decides to bring it to its old glory. You do that by completing puzzle levels and earning stars, which you use to advance the story and see how the characters fix things around the home and interact with each other. The gameplay is what you expect of the genre, you have a grid with figures of different colors, with each turn you move one of them left, right, up or down, and if 3 or more line up, you make a match. As usual, a 4-Match create a rocket that takes out a whole row or column, and by combining 5 in a line you get a rainbow figure that makes all the elements of the same type disappear. When you match 5 pieces in a way that you make a 3-match horizontally and vertically in a T or X shape, you get a bomb, which explodes taking out the surrounding elements. What’s different here, is that if you combine 4 elements in a square shape, you get a paper plane, that when activated, takes off with a wind that affects spaces right next to it, and flies to a required element you need to collect to beat the stage. Also, you can activate special bombs just by tapping it twice, no need to switch them with another piece if you don’t need to. Like similar puzzles, you have a set amount of turns to gather the pieces they ask in the top left corner of the screen. Another type of stage will have you getting rid of obstacles by making matches next to them, like boxes which you can’t move, or cookies which can switch place. There are also chained elements that you can’t move until you used them on a match, and fruits trapped in varios layers of jelly, so they need to be next to several line ups to get free. An original type of stage, has a with 9 of apples taking up 4 spaces on the grid, and you need to make matches next to it until you take out all the apples and release those spaces to get filled with the regular move pieces. Besides the special bombs you get by making big matches, there’s also a hammer you can buy with the coins you earn by playing, which let’s you get rid of any element in the stage you want. You use coins to buy more lives or boosters at the beginning of each stage. Besides beating levels, as the story advances you may get money from some characters so you can continue improving your mansion, which becomes a Special Historic Place of the City.

Graphics 94%

Homescapes has an animated 3D opening, features portraits and text to advance the story, and the overworld features 3D cartoony looking characters over a 2D world. The core gameplay has great looking 2D elements over a blue-gray grid, and the background changes to many places in the mansion, they look pretty good, like out of a high budget animated movie, but are static. The elements you switch around don’t feature much animation when you just move them or make regular 3-matches, but when you create and activate special bombs, you see awesome flashes of light across the screen, and the elements stretch to from the new power up. The paper planes are nicely animated and you can see they leave a transparent wind trail, and the hammer is also 3D animated and you can actually see it clashing in the space you want. At the end of a level, you also see Austin the Butler appear. He has great animation, is very expresive, and you can see him clapping and collecting coins when you win. In the overworld, you can see many characters and pets, like the cat, interacting with each other and stuff in the house. Austin has many actions like cleaning, sitting on chairs and couches, going to bed, and using the furniture around. Each new thing you add to the house, you have a choice to select from 3 different options, like a red circular carpet, a green square one, or a blue oval one, and the same happens everyt time you want a new change, and you’d want to keep playing just to see how great everything looks.

Production Quality 98%

Homescapes is a very high quality game, among the best of its kind. It has many pretty original gameplay features, and what you can do outside of the levels is pretty good too. The town and its inhabitants are well thought out and you’ll probably be as immerse in the game in the world map as in the levels. The story is interesting, and is entertaining just see the characters interacting with each other and the house. There’s also a social media web where they exchange pictures, you can read the town news and receive mail, and it’s fun just to tap in every place and see how Austing reacts. He will also has a lot of lines of dialogue to speak to you to different things, and when you take your time to start a new level, he may take out the phone or newspaper just to say random stuff.

Value for your Money 98%

Homescapes is free on Google Play and the Apple App Store.You’ll never see any advertising, and you can buy in-game coins through transactions, but a good player can beat every stage without buying extra lives, turns or power ups.

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Homescapes is a Match-3 Puzzle with great graphics and gameplay that tries a few new things in the genre. The basic mechanics of the levels are mostly the same youd expect from the popular high quality titles, but watching the townspeople interact with each other and the mansion is greatly done, and something you don’t see very often in mobile games. Check it out now, you may try to earn one more star just to see what happens next in this story. Pros
  • Great Story and Graphics
  • Simplr gameplay with a few original mechanics in the genre
  • The music isn’t as good as Gardenscapes
  • It’s hard to beat some levels without boosters or extra turns

Game Help Guru Rating 97%


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