Beautiful, sophisticated and minimalistic casual racing game, perfect for short breaks: Turn Right

Turn Right

by: AVIX
Just tap & hold to turn right. That’s the only thing you have to do to enjoy a tough but exciting racing game! You will struggle in the first attempts, but once you master the pace you will be unstoppable


Gameplay 64%

Turn Right is a minimalistic title about completing laps in an oval shape track, and the only thing you do is press the screen to turn right. To start the game, just tap on the screen, and the tiny car will start accelerating until it gets a constant speed, and then it will keep going straight until you drift.   The objective of the game is just to last as long as you can, and you can see how many laps you’ve completed and your current record in the counter at the center inside the track. You can choose the speed of the car before you start playing, it can go at 90, 110 or 130 mph, and of course, the faster it goes, the more challenging it is to drift succesfully. If you crash with the edges of the track, you’ll have to start over. There’s also a harder mode that lacks color and you only see black figures, an obstacle mode where black squares appear and you have to dodge them, and a 2 Player local mode where you have 2 cars with the left and right side of the screen making each one turn separately, and there are a few challenges to complete.

Graphics 60%

Turn Right features simple graphics, but with a few color effects so it doesn’t become boring to look at. Every time you complete a lap, the track and background will change color, and it has a fine gradient so it isn’t just a solid dull looking image.   When you drift, the car leaves behind a trail of white fading dots, that give the impression of dust being blown, and when you crash, the explosion is represented by 3 circles, each one inside the other, expanding where you touched the edge of the track. Overall, the game doesn’t feature much text, using icons to represent the different game modes, stats and everything else. It may be a little too minimalistic, since you can’t really make out what they mean until you play.

Production Quality 56%

Turn Right is not a very original title, but it is strangely addictive, and while is hard at first to complete justa few laps, it has a certain charm to it that makes you try again and again.   The music is good, but there are no sound effects, and after a while, it really seems to be too repetitive. While there are a few achievementes, and you can unlock new cars, the game is just an infinite loop that doesn’t have much replay value. Some players may try to do hundreds of laps, but most users will probably feel happy having completed 10 laps and then go play something else.

Value for your Money 95%

Turn Right is free on Google Play. You will see advertising after losing a few times, as you can expect from this kind of games. You won’t see video ads everytime you lose, unless you really lasted a long time, so the gameplay flow never gets interrumped abrumply like it happens with other titles.

Launch Video


Turn Right is a minimalistic title meant for mobile users that aren’t looking for anything fancy with great 3D graphics. It has a challenging formula meant to be played in short bursts whenever you have free time, and it can get quite addictive; but after a few minutes, the limitations of this game become apparent and you’ll want to try something else. Still, give it a try if you’re looking for something simple to kill time. Pros
  • Small file size and can be played offline
  • Achievements, 2 Player Mode, and a few gameplay options for variety
  • The presentation it’s way too simple, and it’s hard to understand the icons at first
  • Just an endless loop without enough to keep you playing for long

Game Help Guru Rating 62%


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