Become a Tape Master in this oddly satisfying vertical jumping action scroller: Tape it Up!

Tape it Up!

by: Devsisters
You have to tape up all these boxes REAL QUICK! Use everything you can think of. No TAPE? Use CATS! No CATS? Use BACON! (Mmm… bacon) Become a TAPE MASTER in this oddly satisfying vertical jumping action scroller!


Gameplay 80%

Tape it Up! is a casual game based on endless runners/jumpers, and it adds a few interesting features to the mix. You take control of an adhesive tape roller and your objective is to close as much boxes as you can, jumping from one track to another to avoid falling down into the production line.   You start out in the middle track sealing a long box with tape. The roller stays in the same place, but the boxes are always moving down the tracks at the same speed. the only thing you do is to slide your finger across the screen left or right to jump to the next track on that side. You get points depending on how many boxes you close, but they have white lines on the edges, and if you keep applying tape until you reach that line, you’ll get a “Perfect Tape”, which give you an extra point, and if you keep making perfect tapes, you’ll get a combo multiplier and earn +1 points as long as you don’t break your chain. This way, you can win 2 points when tapping a box, then 3, the next 4, and so on until you jump from a box before reaching the white line. As you advance through the production line, boxes will become smaller, and you’ll see some tiny gaps between them, making harder to jump around to the sides without falling down. Also, there will be special trampoline boxes with arrows on them that can send the tape roller far away. There are coins over the boxes that you can collect to unlock new rollers, but there are also letter items that spell the word “FEVER”, and when you collect them all, the tape roller will fly at high-speed right above the boxes, boosting your score in a short amount of time. Sometimes you’ll find special blue boxes where the roller can get inside, and you can win a random prize like 10 coins or 10 points to quickly increase your score; but you can also get a video ad, so think twice before jumping into one.

Graphics 88%

Tape it Up! features 2D pixel art graphics. They’re bright and colorful, and while they may seem a little “blocky”, they’re actually quite detailed and very well animated, so you can quickly notice what all elements in the screen are supposed to be.   Different tape rollers make the background change, for example, the cat makes many kittens appear at the sides of the production line, and uses a special paw pattern tape, the paint roller leaves a red trail instead of adhesive tape, just like the watermelon, and so on. Some rollers change the way you see the screen, like the Game Boy which makes everything 4 shades of gray, or an old TV that only let’s you see in black and white. Still, you’re only watching boxes over a moving line, which can get boring pretty quickly, but at least it’s interesting to see how a new roller makes everything change.

Production Quality 82%

The main gameplay of Tape it Up! gets a repetitive after a few minutes, but there are over 40 rollers to buy, and you may find yourself trying to get another thousand coins just to try out another one.   It’s not that hard to earn coins and be able to buy a new roller, and the main mode itself is perfect for the casual users. There’s a hard mode you can play if you want to test yourself and try out a harder challenge, but overall, the game really doesn’t offer much for replay value.

Value for your Money 80%

Tape it Up! is free on Google Play and the Apple App Store, but video advertising may appear a little too often, as you can fall into a random blue box and get a video ad many times per play. Also, you can only buy some rollers through in-app transactions, and a dollar for one is too much for the average user.

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Tape it Up! is a recommendable casual game if you’re looking for an endless runner. The graphics are nice, and while the main tune of the game stays basically the same, different rollers may remix it a little, besides changing what you see in the production line and visual presentation. Is a fun app for a while, and while not every user would want to get all the 40 rollers, is always amusing to try out a new one and see how it changes the main game. Pros
  • Great 16-Bit Bright, Cheerful and Colorful Graphics
  • Challenging enough for fans of runners/jumpers
  • The music and visuals have a few remixes depending on the roller
  • You can get video ads several times per play
  • Some rollers are paid only
  • The main mode doesn’t take to long to becomes repetitive

Game Help Guru Rating 83%


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