Bethesda Pinball Launches on Android


Ready, set.. Skyrim.

  Bethesda Pinball is now live on Google Play. The highly anticipated pineball sim that already saw it’s debut on Steam a couple months ago finally arrives on mobile.     The game blends RPG elements into the classic pineball sim formula. There are three tables, Skyrim, Fallout, and Doom. At the beginning you can choose which table you would like to unlock. Unlocking any tables further either requires an in app purchase, or points that you earn from playing.   Bethesda Pinball also has a multiplayer feature letting you battle players from around the world.     The graphics are stunning for mobile devices, and the game really does capture the feel of each Bethesda classic. The RPG (earning XP) elements are really welcomed, and make the game feel close to the original games.   Bethesda Pinball is available now for free on Android.    


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