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Big Brain - Functional Brain Training

Big Brain - Functional Brain Training: Q&A

Big Brain - Free Funtional Brain Training is a compilation of 25 brain games inspired by daily life. Improve your cognitive skillz, test you brain and become smarter all while having fun with different brain puzzles. With 25 different brain games divided into 5 categories, both your left and right sides of your brain will be tested. These games are inspired by daily life and designed to improve skills you use every day: from finding a lost email to remember the name of your new colleague. They are organized in small and quick trainings that you can complete in 10 minutes or less. Choose a complete overall programm or one focused on your desired goals. Got 5 minutes for a coffee? Perfect, we have a training designed for you! Measure your progress every day with detailed stats that will show you how you perform on each area. Feel how your mind elevates and reaches its mental peak. Better than any IQ test game, Big Brain is like yoga for brain. Improve your memory, mental agility, logic skills, problem solving skills, calculation speed and much more. Big Brain - Functional Brain Training´s games are divided into 5 categories: Calculate: different math problems will test your addition skills and speed Identify: foster your selective attention and priorization skills Analize: develop your mental flexibility and problem solving skills Agility: think and react faster Memorize: improve you memory, focus and attention abilities Big Brain key features includes: 10 training programms depending on your goals and time availability 25 functional brain games inspired by daily life Track and measure your progress: see how you improve on each mental area Available in English, French and Spanish Big Brain offers a complete mental training; discover how smart you are and exercise your brain until you reach your mental peak. Exercise your brain regularly and improve your memory, agility and logic skills
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