Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile

Developer: Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile

Developer: Pearl Abyss

Black Desert Mobile
Pearl Abyss
Android, iOS
The open world and highly addictive MMO Black Desert Online comes to mobile. Explore a beautiful world, create different characters, and save the world in this fantasy sandbox game.

Black Desert Mobile Guide – Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

This post was written by Nick Schaer on 12 Jul, 2020

1. The Basics of Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Online is a popular paid MMO on Steam for PC. Now the game has come to Android and iOS, for the great low price of free. In this beautiful looking game you’ll be able to explore a vast virtual world, create many characters, and fight other players. Follow our guide below to master Black Desert Mobile. Black Desert Mobile Screenshot 1

2. Create Many Characters

Black Desert Mobile encourages players to level up at least three different characters. A family essentially includes all the characters you create on one server. If, for example, you complete a quest or defeat a difficult boss with one of your heroes, the others can simply skip this step while still getting the rewards. This is an awesome way of trying out the vast character creator and having fun making different characters, while also benefiting from your handiwork. Classes are fairly unique and some are better suited than others to defeat tough opponents. For instance, most players start with a Warrior or a Giant, but there are a couple of bosses that deal heavy damage to targets in melee range. These can be very annoying for melee classes, but they become a breeze on a Witch or a Ranger. Try out creating different characters featuring different classes.

3. Family Gear

All of your gear can be swapped between characters. Say that you’ve leveled your favorite class to 30 and you’ve hit a progression wall. Now you have to start a new character, but this doesn’t mean you have to take everything from scratch. For one, your Black Soul is shared across the entire family, which means that if you’ve upgraded it on your main character, your other heroes will benefit from the added CP. This makes progressing with new characters much easier. Black Desert Mobile Screenshot 2

4. Daily Achievements

As with most mobile games, Daily Achievements are king. Daily achievements are an excellent source of materials and currency. Because resources are such an important part of Black Desert Mobile, this is a great way to farm materials. It’s important to remember that Daily Achievements are an important part of your character progression. Black Desert Mobile Screenshot 3

5. A Little Help from Your Friends

You can add up to 50 friends in Black Desert Mobile and you should hit this cap as soon as possible. Once someone has been your friend for at least 24 hours, you can Greet them from the social menu. This grants you a number of Social Tokens per Greet, which you can then use at the shop to purchase useful chests. Neat huh?

Final Word

Follow our guide above to master the open world sandbox of Black Desert Mobile!

Gameplay Video

Overall Tips

  • Try out many different character styles
  • Earn tokens by adding friends

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