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Bouncy Ball

by: Denis Kropov
Infinite Jumper
Bouncy Ball by Denis Kropov is a simple Infinite Jumper with minimalistic design that should keep you interested for a while if you’re looking for a challenging game of the genre and don’t really care much about graphics or music.


Gameplay 77%

Bouncy Ball – Free Highscore Jumper is a simple Arcade title where you only need to make the ball fall down quickly by touching the screen. The objective of the game is to land on as much platforms as possible, to accomplish this, you need to change the speed of the ball or make it fall mid-bounce. Bouncy-Ball-Screenshot-1   At the beginning of the infinite level, the ball will start moving automatically, when you tap the screen, it will fall down quickly. Plaforms come in many sizes, they can be wide enough so you don’t have to worry much about timing, or pretty narrow, so you need to be precise. By the 10th platform, they’ll start appearing at different height positions, so you need to react quickly when a platform appears at the bottom of the screen, or on the top part. Bouncy Ball is extremely challenging and will test your reflexes to the max by the 12th platform. It has minimalistic design and very simple gameplay, but it’s a nice little app to entertain you for a few minutes, just until you think that beating your record is way to hard to continue.

Graphics 50%

Bouncy Ball has a simple approach to its visual desing. You only have a red ball and square platforms with kind of three–quarter perspective look, and a blue background. The text is plain and the animation is what you’d expect. The only noticeable detail is that the ball casts a shadow on the platforms, but that’s about it. 2   While an impresive visual look is not really expected from a game like this, there are many infinite jumpers, platformers and runners with the same gameplay, but with a great presentation in the graphics department, so even if you play Bouncy Ball for a little while, you may look for something a little more eye catchy after just a couple of minutes.

Production Quality 50%

Bouncy Ball is just your average jumper game. The gameplay works just fine, and you won’t have any trouble controlling the ball, it’s an OK game to test your reflexes, but that’s about it, there’s nothing really noteworthy. Bouncy-Ball-Screenshot-3   While it doesn’t stand out, it’s aimed at people that like simplistic pick-up-and-play “time wasters”, so try it out for a while if you’re waiting for someone at a bench in the mall or something like that.

Value for your Money 75%

Bouncy Ball is free, but a playthrough it’s usually very short, and you see a banner ad each time you lose, so you’ll probably be watching about 3 ads or more a minute, and that’s way too much for the average gamer. Still, worth a download if you’re looking for a challenging jumper.

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Bouncy Ball – Free Highscore Jumper is a simple infinite jumper, only recommended to fans of the genre. It gets really challenging pretty quickly and it doesn’t stand out in the visual or audio aspects. Still, is free, so try it out if you like this kind of games and are looking for a hard one to download. Pros
  • Simple pick-up-and-play gameplay
  • Nice Challenge for fans of the genre
  • No Music
  • Ultra Minimalistic Visual Style

Game Help Guru Rating 50%

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