Bugs Defending their Home from Slugs in Puzzle Battles: Best Fiends

Best Fiends

by: Seriously Digital Entertainment
Match-3 Puzzle
Best Fiends by Seriously Entertainment is a great Match-3 puzzle game where you take control of a groud of Forest Insects fighting against an army of black slugs. It featues simple touch gameplay, great graphics and lots of content to keep casual players and hardcore puzzle fans having fun for quite some time.


Gameplay 98%

Best Fiends is a Match-3 Puzzle game where you control a group of forest bugs representing different elements, and make lines of the same type of figures in a grid, to create attacks and launch them to dark slugs. When you line up 3 or more icons, you’ll be ready for an attack, but the more icons you have, the stronger the attack. Best Fiends Screenshot 1   Everytime you create a line, your character of that element will begin filling up a “Bomb Gauge”, that when full, throws a bomb figure at the grid. This one can explode 5 spaces vertically or horizontally, depending on the bug. Other bombs transform their neighboring figures into their own kind, making it easier to perform longer combos. There’s also a special bomb obstacle in some levels, that when caught in a explosion, eliminates all figures in the grid, and creates an extreme attack for your enemy. Slugs can attack you by spitting obstacles into the grid, or throwing black slime over a figure, so you can’t include it in a combo until you destroy it by making a line next to it. The overall objective is to eliminate all slugs in a level, but there are aditional goals to complete, such as disappearing a certain amount of figures of an specific element, collecting 2 diamonds, or getting rid of a number of obstacles in the grid. Diamonds are a type of currency you use to buy items, and the obstacles are stuff like tree logs and branches, which take damage when you make a line right next to them. When you complete a level, you get golden keys depending on your score, which you use to open treasure boxes, that give you a certain insect called “Meteor Mites”, which you use to level up your best friends and make them stronger. You can also get more lives in these boxes, and sometimes you even get a new friend, but that’s rare to happen.

Graphics 100%

Best Fiends features flawless 2D art over colorful cartoony 3D enviroments. It looks just like a modern animated TV Show. The characters are animated in 2D, and there are some 2D elements in the background such as trees and buches, but rocks, mountain trailes, big tree banches and such are in 3D, and they look great when the camera moves. Best Fiends Screenshot 2   When you beat a slug, the best fiends go deeper into the level, with a camera movement that gives an excellent feeling of dept. You start out in a forest, and then move to a valley, a jungle, a swamp, hills, and then go into an ice mountain. Everything looks awesome and even the grid changes with the setting. For example, you have obstacles like tree branches in the forest, and on the cold areas you have ice blocks. The lighting effects look perfect, and there are a lot of flashy animations going on when lining up the figures, making attacks, performing combos, and the characters react to every move you perform. For example, when you charge up an element, the bug that will make the attack will be meditating or charing up power in a particular pose, and the others can look down or even depressed if you haven’t used them in a while. The same happens with Slugs, which come in various shapes and sizes. This game just seems to be alive, definetely one of the best looking mobile games available today.

Production Quality 92%

Best Fiends starts out slow, you only get one bug to level up, and the levels give you lots of turns to easily defeat a few slugs per stage, and there won’t be any obstacles in the grid. But as you advance through the game, you’ll see that the gameplay is much more complex than it appears at first. Best Friends Screenshot 3   The gameplay itself, just touching figures to create lines, is simple and smooth, but the way you create attacks, combos, use bombs and get rids of obstacles makes for an addictive experience that any puzzle game fan is going to enjoy. And let’s not forget the leveling up feature. Every time you play you get meteormites and diamonds to get stronger, or get more fiends, and you can even evolve your characters. Besides creating perfect gameplay and graphics, the amount of content is just great, and if you enjoy a good Match-3 title, this one will keep you busy for quite a while.

Value for your Money 94%

Best Friends is free in Google Play and the App Store, and you can enjoy it without spending a dime. But your lives are limited, and you spend them every time you start a stage, even if you win or lose, and the you have to wait about 5:00 minutes to get another life, or buy more, and 10 lives for $1.99, may seem like much… For the most hooked players, it may seem like fair for a game of this quality, a couple of bucks to the developer for such quality seems like fair, but if you want to play for free, waiting to get another chance to try another level may be a little bothersome.

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Best Fiends is a great Match-3 puzzle game that casual players and hardcore gamers alike can pick up and play with no problem, but once you really get into it, it’s hard to put down. Simple addictive touch gameplay, excellent graphics and sound, lots of content and enough challenge to keep you going back for more. Definetely one of the best free games of its kind today, download now. Pros
  • Excellent Graphics
  • Simple touch gameplay
  • You can level up and evolve your characters
  • It’s one of those games where you have to wait many minutes to get more lives, or buy them with real money.

Game Help Guru Rating 96%


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