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Can You Escape Titanic (1000342): Walkthroughs, Answers, Cheats, Codes, Achievements
Can You Escape Titanic
Hidden Object and Escape, Puzzle
Android, iOS

Can You Escape Titanic Level 15 Walkthrough

Another awesome escape game from MobiGrow! And this time the theme is the Titanic, but forget Leo and Kate Winslet! This time it is up to you to escape the Titanic! Check out our walkthrough videos if you need a little help :)
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  1. Nick Schaer
    4 years ago

    Step 1 Tap the Red Suitcase and Collect the Dice, Tap the Play Button
    Step 2 Tap the Street Light and Collect the Lamp Shield, Tap the Play Button

    Step 3 Tap the Floor and Collect Swimming Ring
    Step 4 Tap the Chair and Collect chewing Gum, Tap the Play Button
    Step 5 Use the Lamp Shield and Broke the Window
    Step 6 Collect the Wrench
    Step 7 Use the Dice and Solve the Puzzle as only Tap at the Wooden Colored Boxes and Change them According to the Symbol on it. Star-Round-Squre-Triangle-Star-Squre-Star, Tap the Play Button
    Step 8 Go Back to the Deck and Tap the Stair Case to Upper
    Step 9 Tap the Bird Sitting in the Rail
    Step 10 Use the Chewing Gum and Tap the Bird Again
    Step 11 Collect the Rope and Combine Both Rope and Swimming Ring and Tap
    Step 12 Collect Wooden Pallets, Use the Wrench on the Screw of the Door
    Step 13 Rotate and Arrange the Circles According to the Hint Besides, Tap the Play Button
    Step 14 Again Go Back to the Deck and Tap the Stair Case to Upper
    Step 15 Collect Bundle of Rope From the Window
    Step 16 Combine the Rope and Wooden Pallets
    Step 17 Go Back to the Deck Where There is Red Box
    Step 18 Tap the Pallets According to Decreasing the Size
    Step 19 Use the Ladder and Escape

  2. Matt Booth
    1 month ago

    Hello everyone. Game Help Guru updated the guide with a more relevant one. The clip that was on this page was no longer useful. Keep us informed if there are issues by voting. Stay safe.

  3. Matt Booth
    1 month ago

    Good morning all. I swapped the walkthrough on this page with a fixed one. The previous one wasn’t right anymore. Please tell us if it is right by marking it useful. Pleasant gaming!

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