Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Developer: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Developer: Konami

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
iOS, Android
One of the greatest video games of all time comes to mobile. This classic gothic platformer lets you explore Dracula's castle, and fight off some baddies while doing it. Find out why this game has been called a true classic, and the epicenter of amazing video game design.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Guide Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

This post was written by Nick Schaer on 19 Apr, 2020

1. The Basics of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is by far one of the greatest video games of all time. Released in 1997 for the PlayStation, the platform-adventure action role-playing game developed and published by Konami truly redefined the genre, and gaming in general. The game features Dracula’s dhampir son Alucard as the protagonist, rising from his slumber to explore Dracula’s castle which has re-appeared after Richter Belmont vanished. The game focused on exploration, non-linear level design and role-playing elements that changed the series. Follow our guide to help you beat this classic game, now on mobile. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Screenshot 1

2. Find the Secret Room

There is a hidden passage at the beginning of the castle. It is assumed that this is an unfinished section that would have led to the Underground Gardens (apparent in the Saturn version). There’s even a save point. The area can be accessed by starting a game as Richter, entering the castle, and quickly running back as the gate door closes.

3. Skip the Underground

Players can skip the underground area of the game by flying as a bat through the hallway of spikes, turning to normal, and using a potion to become temporarily invulnerable. By walking through the door at the end of the hallway, the player has bypassed the need for spike armor. The underground area must still be completed to advance in the game. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Screenshot 2

4. Be the Bat

Transforming into the Form of the Bat when the bat familiar is around will produce little hearts above the bat’s head, make him follow you around and use Fire Of The Bat when you do. Once the bat familiar reaches high enough levels, more bats will join in and attack similarly when the above is done. Morphing back into Alucard will send the animal into a state of puzzlement, as indicated by a question-mark above its head, and causes any extra bats to leave. Alternatively, if the Form of Bat is used when the Ghost familiar is active, the familiar will leave in puzzlement instead of following Alucard around. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Screenshot 3

5. Find the Secret Elevator

There is a secret elevator in a room in the Outer Wall. Break the wall to the left of this room and stand in the hole for a while, and the secret elevator will take you down to the room below which has a grill door and supposedly can only be entered later in the game when Alucard has the ability to turn into mist.

6. Master the Swords

The Muramasa sword is actually able to be powered up to be the strongest sword in the game given enough time. Killing enemies who gush out blood in their deaths will increase the sword’s statistical power, but it becomes increasingly harder to do so the higher the attack power becomes. If Alucard equips two Heaven Swords and presses both attack buttons, the swords will swoop around in back of him, duplicate, then shoot out horizontally, ending with a final slice in the middle.

Final Word

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night continues to be an enthralling and a must-play video game in the modern era. If you are a fan of old school games, vampires, or platformers in general, you definitely need to install Castlevania: SOTN on your phone.

Gameplay Video

Overall Tips

  • Find the secret room for a bonus
  • Get the best swords

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