Days Gone: Sony, Sam Witwer, Survival


Sam Witwer takes on zombies in Sony’s new game, Days Gone.

During Sony’s press conference at E3 2016, the gaming giant revealed a unique new open world post-apocalyptic survival horror video game. A game many thought was going to The Last of Us 2. Instead, we have probably one of the more ambitious games revealed at the annual gaming convention. And it stars a familiar face, actor Sam Witwer. Sam is best known for his roles on Syfy’s Being Human, his voice work in various Star Wars media, and his epic role as Starkiller (Galen Marek) in the Star Wars: Force Unleashed video game series.   In Days Gone, Sam plays Deacon St. John (the player’s character). A drifter and former bounty hunter caught in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, players will take control of Deacon and roam the beautiful open world SIE Bend Studio has created.   Deacon in action, in the E3 Trailer Deacon in action, in the E3 Trailer.   Days Gone is currently in development for the PlayStation 4, and does not have a release date yet. It will attempt to capitalize on the ever-growing zombie obsession the world (and mostly the US) has. Being this is the return of Bend Studio, a lot is on the line for this upcoming epic game.   Zombies in Days Gone Zombies. Never a good thing really.   We’ll have more on Days Gone as more information comes out. The game definitely does have a cinematic feel about it, and hopefully it lives up to the hype.    


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