Defend the Circular perimeter from endless of incoming Asteroids in this Arcade Shooter: Circuroid


by: Big Frost Games
Circuroid is an unique fast-paced arcade shooter with intuitive control where you can precisely switch between positions of your spaceship around the circle to shoot at the direction that you are pointing. Each Power Up will change the behavior of your spaceship which brings you a whole new gameplay experience while defending the perimeter.


Gameplay 72%

Circuroid is like the classic Arcade “Asteroids”, but instead of having a rotating space ship in the middle shooting outwards, you control a purple triangle that moves on a circular path, that shoots inward, and you objective is to stop asteroid coming out of a black hole from touching the circle you’re moving on.   To move your ship, just touch it and drag your finger where you want it to be. You can move along the circle, or slide all the way to the final spot, and the traingle will move there. Everytime to destroy an asteroid, the Score Counter in the center will add a point. More asteroids will come out at the same time, and get faster the longer you survive. After a while, a golden diamond will appear alongside the circle, and it will give you a power up weapon for a limited time. It can be a machine gun, a spread gun that shoots 3 bullets simultaneously, a laser that’s always on and destroys anything on touch and much more. If just one asteroid hits the circle, you lose, and depending on your score you’ll get experience to unlock new special weapons and other perks. And then you start over. The game is an endless arcade just like the title it’s based on, but there are a few extras like Rank Badges you can get to make you want to keep playing.

Graphics 86%

Circuroid has simple 3D shapes with neon colors for models, but the shades and light effects look awesome, and the weapons and explosions look great when you see everything in action.   The background is mostly a gradient blue/purple color over the black space, but there are some shinning effects added to the circle, and you can see lots of light sources which make everything look pretty lively even if the models aren’t very complex in design. Also, you can see triangles of different colors floating around the void space, giving the whole visual presentation more dept.

Production Quality 89%

Circuroid is one fancy Asteroid inspire game. There are many titles with a similar premise available for mobile devices, but few of them have a level up system, great neon graphics with lots of effects and as much weapons as the ones you can equip here.   The music is just OK, and if you lose very quickly, it’ll be kind of annoying hearing the track start over again each time; but the sound effects are perfect for the title, and really enhance the visual experience you have while blasting 3D shapes in this neon space adventure.

Value for your Money 89%

Circuroid is free on Google Play and the Apple App Store. You can buy the ads free version for a couple of dollars, and there’s also a “Double Experience” feature you can get to level up faster. For 99 cents, it’s very reasonable, but paying $2, consider it only if you really want to get your name in the Global Leaderboards.

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Circuroid is one of the best games you will find based on classic space arcades. The models on screen may look simple at first glance, but once you see it animated and with all the weapons shooting destroying asteroids in awesome looking neon explosions, you’ll know that you’re getting into. It may be lacking some features to really keep the players interest in the long rong, but is worth a try. Just reaching 50 points is challenging enough. Pros
  • Awesome Neon graphics, lots of special effects
  • Simple touch and drag controls
  • The music could’ve been better
  • Your finger will block your view more times that you’d like

Game Help Guru Rating 79%


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