Deus Ex GO

Deus Ex GO

Developer: Deus Ex GO

Deus Ex GO

Deus Ex GO

Developer: Square Enix

Deus Ex GO
Square Enix
Android, iOS, Windows 10
The neon yellow lit world of Deus Ex comes to mobile in puzzle form. Play as Adam Jensen, and manipulate the cyberpunk world around you to navigate through tough puzzle-based levels. Even craft your own unique levels with the level editor.

Deus Ex GO Guide Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

This post was written by Nick Schaer on 11 May, 2020

1. The Basics of Deus Ex GO

Set in the long running Deus Ex universe of games, Deus Ex GO puts you back in the shoes of agent Adam Jensen. Your goal is to sneak around different rooms in a variety of buildings, trying to uncover a secret terrorist plot in this dark yet colorful cyberpunk world. It sounds familiar, yet it’s also new thanks to the focus on puzzle and strategy, in this mobile game. If you played Hitman GO, you’ll already be familiar with the concept. Follow our guide to help you navigate this cyberpunk world. Deus Ex GO Screenshot 1

2. Complete Your Mission

Your mission is to infiltrate a number of locations, looking for information that will help you uncover a terrorist plot and expose its members. You do so by sneaking around different rooms, trying to avoid getting caught by guards, guns, and other nefarious traps. You do this by timing your movements very precisely. The game is a turn-based puzzle game. You take a turn, and then all bad guys take a turn at the same time. The floor of each room is covered with pathways that you must follow in order to get to the other side and exit. How you navigate the pathways is the key to getting out alive. To move, tap the screen in the direction you want to go. You will move forward to the nearest node on that pathway. You can also swipe your finger across the screen in the direction you want to go, which can sometimes be helpful if something is in the way of your view of the path. Each move you take counts as one turn. Hacking computers and activating invisibility augmentation also count as one turn.

3. Earn the Mastermind Achievement

To earn the Mastermind achievement on each mission, you must complete each level within a certain number of moves. You will earn special rewards that can be used in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided on console and PC when you complete Mastermind achievements. So it is in your best interest to plan wisely and not take any unnecessary steps. After you move, all bad guys, bots, and motion-sensing weapons take a turn simultaneously. If you are hacking a computer system or activating an Invisibility augmentation, the bad guys do not move, although it still counts as a turn for you. Getting killed or starting a level over will not count against you. You can replay a level over and over, in order to complete it within the specified number of moves. Deus Ex GO Screenshot 2

4. Invisibility Augmentation

In this cyberpunk world, you can temporarily go invisible so as not to be detected by guards, bots, or turrets. Invisibility augmentation looks like a blue pyramid. All you have to do to get one is enter the space it is in, but it won’t trigger automatically. You can save it for another time and it will sit in the upper right corner of the screen until you are ready to use it. To activate Invisibility augmentation, tap the blue pyramid that sits in the upper right corner of the screen. A blue hexagon will appear under your feet. Tap your character to trigger the effect. You can then move into a new node (or space) while invisible and you will stay that way until you move again. When you move into a new space, the effect goes away and you are visible again. Deus Ex GO Screenshot 3

5. Hacking Computers

After you’ve completed a few early levels, you’ll see computers sitting nearby. They control the turrets and activate or deactivate special tiles on the floor. When you use a computer to control one of these objects, it can help you get to the end or cause an enemy to get stuck or die. To activate a computer, walk into the node that it occupies and then tap your character. You will enter hacker mode, which shows you your available options for controlling objects in the room. To take control of an object, drag your finger from the computer to the object. The screen will display the pathway that the computer takes.

6. Weekly Events

In addition to Story mode, players can take part in weekly puzzle events. These are special missions that only last one week. If you complete all levels in the mission within the specified amount of time, you might earn a special reward that can be used in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. These weekly puzzle events are significantly more difficult than the puzzles in Story mode. It is a great opportunity for players that have completed the story to continue playing the game.

Final Word

If you follow our guide, you’ll be mastering this cyberpunk puzzler in no time. Now go on Agent Jensen, and experience the world of Deus Ex!

Gameplay Video

Overall Tips

  • Go invisible when you can
  • Hack computers to take control over turrets, etc

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