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Dia de los Muertos: Day of the Dead
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Dia de los Muertos: Day of the Dead: Q&A

Journey to the world of the dead starts right now! It happened in Mexico during the day of the dead - Dia de los Muertos. Hippo visited the rancho of her grandma, where the preparation for the celebration was in its full swing. During this day, Mexico is full of bright colors, sugar skulls, music, alive skeletons and all the possible monsters. But all these monsters are not frightening at all, they all are local citizens. Dia de los Muertos is very different from the famous Halloween. You don't need to frighten strangers, collect sweets and tell scary stories. All these are the classical entertainment during Halloween. The day of the dead is dedicated to the memory of the dead. Everybody believes, that during this day all the dead relatives and ancestors could visit their houses. Holiday culture comes from the ancient traditions of Maya and Aztecs. During this holiday, you can observe different rituals in every house. There is an altar, called ofrend in every house. Hippo's relatives put their ofrend around huge dead tree at the backyard. But this time, holiday ceremony has been broken. Accidentally children have fallen into the tree hole and happend to be in the world of the dead! From that very moment, mysterious and exciting adventures start. We are going to be a part of a trip where riddles and mysteries could happen every second. The peculiarities of the game Dia de los Muertos, Secret of Dead Tree: - puzzles, riddles, scary stories and other exciting adventures - legends, stories and adventures for all the ages - usage of Mexican musical instruments - exciting dynamic plot - final battle with evil forces - funny bright characters - easy gameplay - professional voiceover in many languages - bright graphics and pleasant music Welcome to Mexico! Celebration has just begun! Exciting emotions and bright emotions are waiting for us.
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