Disney Crossy Road

Disney Crossy Road
Hipster Whale
Family, Kids, Runner
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Disney Crossy Road is a Disney-themed spin-off of the popular mobile game, Crossy Road. The concept stays the same. Cross the road safely while narrowly escaping oncoming traffic (just like the arcade classic, Frogger). Disney Crossy Road blends that addictive gameplay with characters from Disney films and TV shows. From Mickey Mouse to Donald Duck, you never know who you'll get to play as.

Here are our cheats for Disney Crossy Road! If you know any more then you are a legend and you should submit a cheat.

Unlock Alistair KreiComplete the “Top Dogs” set
Unlock Bandar-Log MonkeyComplete the “Wild Animals” set
Unlock ChipComplete the “Crazy Critters” set
Unlock DaleComplete the “Fab Five” set
Unlock DeannaComplete the “Citizens of Niceland” set
Unlock DevilComplete the “Heroes of Halloween Town” set
Unlock DonComplete the “Short and Stout” set
Unlock ElephantComplete the “Welcome to the Jungle” set
Unlock Elephant FinnickComplete the “Masters of Disguise” set
Unlock FredComplete the “Best Friends” set
Unlock Fred Super Suit Complete the “Suited Up” set
Unlock FritzComplete the “Feeling Emotional” set
Unlock Frog Monster Complete the “Moana” set
Unlock GideonComplete the “Top of the Food Chain” set
Unlock GiraffeComplete the “Big and Tall” set
Unlock GusComplete the “Spooky Spirits” set
Unlock Harelquin DemonComplete the “This is Halloween” set
Unlock HippoComplete the “Humble Beginnings” set
Unlock Humpty DumptyComplete the “Wonderland Heroes” set
Unlock JaquesComplete the “Sydney Crew” set
Unlock LennyComplete the “Toy Story 1” set
Unlock Mother GothelComplete the “Feels Good to be Bad” set
Unlock OtterComplete the “Oxygen Lovers” set
Unlock PhelgmComplete the “Monsters Inc. Heroes” set
Unlock Pink FlamingoComplete the “Agrabah Royalty” set
Unlock PintelComplete the “Heroes of the Caribbean” set
Unlock RagettiComplete the “Cursed at Sea” set
Unlock Rancis FluggerbutterComplete the “Citizens of Suger Rush” set
Unlock Rapunzel BraidedComplete the “Tangled Heroes” set
Unlock SpikeComplete the “Rough Around the Edges” set
Unlock The Cat LadyComplete the “Leading Ladies” set
Unlock The KingComplete the “Honorable Men” set
Unlock The ProspectorComplete the “Toy Story 2” set
Unlock TonyComplete the “Man at Work” set
Unlock Vegetable ServantComplete the “Born to Serve” set


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