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DOOM Guide – Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

The classic FPS shooter comes to mobile, allowing you to take the demon-killing experience of classic DOOM wherever you go.
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Review & Tips

1. The Basics of Doom

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 27 years, then you have probably played or at least heard about the video game Doom. Originally released for MS-DOS, the now iconic FPS shooter has literally been ported to pretty much every console known to man. From the Nintendo Game Boy Advance, to the Switch. The game is iconic for setting the stage for what a 3D FPS shooter can truly be. The premise is simple. There’s a story, but it’s not really important. Your mission is to kill demons and other creatures of the underworld as a hero spacemarine. It’s both challenging and satisfying even after all these years. And now the iconic game has been ported to mobile. In order to beat this iconic game, follow our guide for the best tips and strategies you’ll need. DOOM Screenshot 1

2. Completing the Levels

Doom is split up into three chapters, each containing eight missions. The levels are set in military bases on the moons of Mars and in Hell. To finish a level, the player must traverse through the area to reach a marked exit room. Levels are grouped together into named episodes, with the final level focusing on a boss fight with a particularly difficult enemy. At the beginning of each chapter you get to select a difficulty level. There are 5 different difficulties to choose from. It’s recommended to start with the “I’m Too Young To Die” difficult level. It uses the “light” enemy set, halves the damage you take, and doubles ammo from pickups. Eventually you should work your way up to the hardest difficulty, called “Nightmare.” It uses the “hard” enemy set, causes enemies to move and fire more quickly, allows enemies to respawn after 12 seconds, and disables cheat codes. However, you collect twice the ammo from pickups.

3. Have Fun with Cheat Codes

Doom was released with a bunch of cheat codes already included in the game. Luckily the Android and iOS versions retain these codes. Some of these codes will help you on your adventure, while others are just for fun. To use cheat codes on mobile, tap the screen with 4 fingers to bring up the console, then enter these codes. Codes are case-sensitive, and you must hit the “return” key after each one. DOOM Screenshot 2 Delete all player statistics and achievements for all maps by using the code “resetmaps”. Get all weapons by entering “idfa”. Activate God mode with “iddqd”. Instantly destroy all monsters on the current map level with “tntem”. And finally gain Invincibility with “god”.

4. Straferunning like a Boss

True to its namesake, straferunning is when you’re running forward and strafing at the same time. Thanks to a minor flaw in the game’s movement code, this causes you to run just a little bit faster than usual. By straferunning, it’s possible to jump gaps that regular running would not be able to clear. The mobile port still has this flaw, and it’s widely suggested to take advantage of it. DOOM Screenshot 3

5. Chaingun Sniping

Doom’s weapon accuracy is handled by “refire”. This means only the first shot of your weapon is perfectly accurate. If you hold the fire button down, the weapon becomes inaccurate. This can be exploited with the chaingun. Since the chaingun actually fires two bullets before the refire, this makes it fairly easy to make the chaingun fire with perfect accuracy by tapping the fire button for every two shots instead of simply holding it.

Final Word

It’s a complete nostalgia trip to play Doom on your favorite handled device. And for a new generation, they will get to experience this classic game right in the palm of their hand. If you follow our guide you’ll be a master spacemarine in no time. Now get demon hunting.

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Overall Tips

  • Be sure to use the right difficult level
  • Use cheat codes to help you
  • Straferun for a speed boost
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