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DOOORS Room Escape Game: Level 60 Walkthrough

This is one of the original room escape games. I can't believe we don't already have the walkthroughs on the site! Over 15 million downloads since 2012 and over 10K ratings with an average of 4.5 stars on iTunes. If you want a little help be sure to check out our walkthrough videos.
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  1. Nick Schaer
    5 years ago

    1. Use the gun to pop the balloons.
    2. Use the gun to shoot the hinges off of the door.
    3. Now use your hammer to hit the nails in.
    The clue is above the door.
    The first nail is longer than the 2nd, the 2nd is longer than the 3rd, the 3rd is shorter than the 4th, the 4th is equal to the 5th, and the 5th is shorter than the 6th.
    4. Hit the nails the following times:
    1st nail = 0 times
    2nd nail = 1 time
    3rd nail = 2 times
    4th nail = 1 time
    5th nail = 1 time
    6th nail = 0 times
    Open the door. 🙂

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