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Dungeon Faster - Card Strategy Game
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Dungeon Faster - Card Strategy Game: Q&A

>> Pocket Gamer - GAME OF THE YEAR 2020 FINALIST! >> Google Play - Best of 2019 Winner! (India) DUNGEON FASTER, an original hybrid of dungeon crawler, turn-based strategy, and card game. It's the roguelike from hell! FEATURES + Solo dungeon exploration! Many rooms for you to explore! + Automatic saves at every room! Play and stop at anytime! + Lots of content waiting to be unlocked! + Hero leveling! Deck Building! Looting! + Play offline! + Completely free to play and no pay to win! + Only in-app purchases are donations to support me! The one man developer! HEROES - Many different characters for you to play! Each character is unique! Play as the beautiful Paladyna or the sneaky Thiefo! CARDS - Build your own custom deck to defeat your enemies! Cards can be upgraded permanantly so you will always be getting more powerful! DUNGEON - Traverse a deep dungeon with many rooms full of treasure! But beware! That treasure belongs to someone else and they aren't going to be happy you're stealing it! ITEMS - The dungeon is full of items that can either help or hurt you! ENEMIES - Full of terrifying monsters who are angry that their parents gave them weird names! Wherewulf! Zombiebie! Skeletoon and more! FIGHT - Power up yourself up as much as possible before fighting the boss! If you're super strong you can kill him in one hit! If you're super weak YOU might be the one who gets killed in one hit! More informations and news: https://www.oldoakden.com/ https://www.reddit.com/r/DungeonFaster/
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