Egg, Inc.

Egg, Inc.

Developer: Egg, Inc.

Egg, Inc.

Egg, Inc.

Developer: Auxbrain

Egg, Inc.
Idle Clicker
Android, iOS
The idle clicker phenomenon reaches a high point with the ever-addicting game Egg, Inc. Simple yet complex, run an egg farm and take over the world.. one egg at a time.

Egg, Inc. Guide – Tips, Cheats, and Strategies to Conquer the World of Eggs

This post was written by Nick Schaer on 30 Nov, 2019

1. The Basics of Egg, Inc.

When it comes to idle clicker games, Egg Inc rules the roost (pun definitely intended). The game is deceivingly simple, yet immersive and deep. Your goal is the make the world’s most profitable egg farm (while also unlocking the secrets of the universe). You’ll tap tap and tap to gain more chickens, which in turn produce more eggs, which gives you profit that you can use to purchase upgrades for your farm.Egg Inc Screenshot 1

2. Conduct Lab Research

As your farm grows it is critical to conduct lab search to further improve your farm.The more things you can unlock through research, the more eggs you can produce. You can increases the value of the eggs, the speed that they are produced, and the size of the distribution fleet.

3. Keep Track of your Missions

Completing milestones (or missions) on your checklist is a big part of Egg Inc. Once you complete objectives, you’ll unlock new rewards. You can also gain premium currency which you can use to purchase new upgrades.Egg Inc Screenshot 2

4. Prestige at the Right Time

When your farm is maxed out and you’ve reached the “end”, you can “prestige” your farm. This basically results in a reset where you move on the next farm level, but you get to keep all your upgrades and you’ll receive a multiplayer on earnings to help you advance your farm much faster.Egg Inc Screenshot 3You will want to upgrade your farm and reset when you feel you have maxed out and completed everything you wanted to do on your current farm. Prestige is an awesome way to keep the game feeling fresh, while giving you a new challenge.

Final Tips

To succeed at Egg, Inc. you will need to keep tapping away just like other idle clickers. Focus on investing into research when you became profitable, and keep upgrading your farm as you go along. When you have maxed out your farm, take it to the next level by resetting and advancing with Prestige. Now get cracking!

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Overall Tips

  • Level up through Prestige
  • Spend money on research
  • Upgrade your farm accordingly

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