Escape From Rio – Blue Birds: Review

Escape From Rio - Blue Birds

by: Pocket Scientists
If you love the movie Escape from Rio – Blue Birds, you would love this game as well. In fact, the game is entirely based on the movie and you will have to guide a big blue colored lonely bird back to his roots. This game is a production of Pocket Scientists and you can download it for free from Google Play.


Gameplay (82%)

People who have watched Escape from Rio – Blue Birds can easily predict the storyline of this game. The lonely bird in South America feels that he wants to go back to his roots. Even though he has grown up among humans, the call from the jungle tempts him to get back to home as soon as possible. So you decide to break free and escape from the busy city. Your task is to guide the bird back to his roots. However, it will not be a simple task as you will have to deal with a lot of enemies and obstacles. You need to stay in the air as much as possible to stay away from hassle. escape from rio 1  

Graphics (84%)

I really liked the graphics in Escape from Rio – Blue Birds. The cute cartoonish, detailed, and beautiful graphics impressed me a lot and I really enjoyed them when playing the game.  

Production Quality (85%)

The production quality of Escape from Rio – Blue Birds is not bad either. Different upgrades and skins are provided to the users and you can easily control the bird with less hassle. Purchasing cool power-ups can be done with the help of coins. You can also use these power-ups to slow down in time and become invulnerable to the threats. escape from rio 2  

Value for Money (71%)

This game can be downloaded to your Android device for free. However, the entire game is packed with ads, which is pretty annoying. These ads can ruin the game experience. However, you cannot call it a bad game because of the excellent graphics and responsiveness.  

Gameplay Trailer



The developers at Pocket Scientists have done a tremendous job with Escape From Rio – Blue Birds. This is one of the best adventure games that I have played in the recent past. It is ideal for gamers at any age category. Pros
  • The storyline is similar to the movie.
  • Cute, excellent and detailed graphics.
  • This is a highly responsive game.
  • The entire game is filled with a lot of ads.
  • It takes a lot of time for the detailed graphics to load.

Game Help Guru Rating 81%



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