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Evil Erich Sann : The New Horror Games.

Evil Erich Sann : The New Horror Games.: Q&A

*** Million of players has entered on the scary academy *** Your mission: Enter in the scary academy and stealth the fabulous violin. It feel easy? Maybe not! Inside the dark basement, your neighbor, an old man like a walking dead will protect it against intruders. If you like horror games you are welcome! Solve puzzles and use items in each place required in order to understand the horror story that make Erich an slave of the violin. Do not make any noise or the ghost from other dimension will find you. Some times you will find differents objetcs to use like a weapon, some bricks, bananas for throwing... This creepy game features: ★ Ghost mode for easy complete inside this nightmarish atmosphere ★ Hints and clues translated to different regions. ★ A stunning scary map with a dungeon and monsters ★ A big map with alot puzzles to complete ★ You must survival to the zombies coming from the hell ★ Differents ending from each enemy ★ Rescue mission so hard to complete it ★ Best horror: intense gameplay, unexpected encounters, and a nightmarish atmosphere If you like scary games and horror game, send us any feedback to media@indiefist.com to improve this survival and escape room game. Its Erich the evil? do you thing so?...you must search what is happen inside...
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