Exclusive New Pinebook Details Emerge – Release Date, Specs, and the Included Operating System


EXCLUSIVE: New information on the Pine64 Pinebook has emerged. We now have a release window, more technical details, and confirmation of the included operating system.

  When Pine64 first announced their latest product line, the Pinebook, many were eager to find out more. Who wouldn’t want a Macbook look-a-like laptop at an affordable price? The Pinebook won’t be the most powerful laptop in the tech space, but it doesn’t need to be. It will use the same Quad-Core ARM Cortex A53 64-Bit Processor used in the popular Pine A64 Single Board Computer. A processor that is efficient, lean, and perfect for light portable gaming (Android, Linux, and emulation).   Instead of building a Pine64 retro console, now you can just use one of the 11.6? ($89) or 14? ($99) Pinebooks. We had little information prior to this article, with very little extra details emerging. But now we can confirm some key details, straight from Pine64 themselves.     Release Date: The Pinebook is being made in China. It will be released middle to late February due to the Chinese New Year (January 28th).   Included Operating System: For awhile it wasn’t clear if the Pinebook would include an OS. We know now that Ubuntu or Debian will be shipped included on the laptop. Right now the OS is Ubuntu, but that hasn’t been finalized. Regardless, the laptop will work right out of the box.   Warranty Information: The Pinebook will have a 90 day warranty period if not disassembled by the user. If the back case is opened, the warranty period will drop to 30 days.   Additional Technical Details: The laptop will NOT include a fan. With the ARM Cortex A53 Processor, cooling via a fan isn’t required. Whether this will affect performance remains to be seen, but Pine64 boards do run fine without a fan. With the sleek design of the laptop, this does make sense.   With a release window finally in place, we can begin to anticipate emails going out to potential buyers. And now that we know an OS is included, the Pinebook is indeed a good fit for a larger consumer base.   If you’re interested in the Pinebook, you can sign up to be notified here.   We’ll have more on the Pinebook as more information becomes available.  


  1. Bruce Fowler says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it. These turkeys can’t even come up with a Linux installation for the original Pine64 board that can drive more than one size of display. The software support is going to be the problem with this offering.

  2. Lynda Perry says:

    One again Pine has missed their shipment date. These people are losers. I’m still awaiting for my case a Z-Wave module I was suppose to get last April.

  3. Jim says:

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